Blender to Unreal Engine with Matt Workman - October 24 - Live from HQ

[QUESTION] IS THAT THE Ue4 manikin dab??

I’ll certainly be tuning into this! :slight_smile: Maybe they could help me find some further improvements for my Blender to UE4 mannequin add-on (Mr Mannequins Tools)

well blend 281 will be released in a couple of weeks, i hope all the info for blend 28 doesn’t become moot… i know all of my skeletal meshes are coming in all wonky now…

and the blend hair/fur has caught my attention too, i wonder if we could import cloth/ing as cloth/ing from blend without the clothing tools in UE… that would make things interesting…

Now, this should be interesting.

i’m looking for rigging tips

Is Blender Going to see a plugin like the ART tool for maya. If blender had proper Epic made tools for the Unreal Engine pipeline and control rigs I would 100% switch to blender

Can you cover a female character with shape keys that needs a perfect match with unreal skeleton and uses extra bones for support. Using a the mannequin for females doesn’t look great in the chest. Its a dark area that prevents a lot of people from completing the pipeline. When you use a script in blender with shape keys you can not copy modifiers. you only find this is out after about 30 mins in, workarounds are so slow its a bottle neck. I have Iclone’s character creator 2 for example and all characters start in a Tpose which creates the first major problem with shape keys and trying to change the pose to A.

Looking forward to this!

Great I can wait !!.Mannn I really wish some of those million when into making blender 1 to when it came down to the bone import and export.Would be Sooooo!!! much easier.

Same. I especially would love to see how they recommend rigging hands + guns so that you can have separate skelmeshes but have animations that work with one another. Seems like an extremely common thing but I have never found the info anywhere for unreal.

I’m looking forward to ways one can you use Blender with UE4? Still being new to UE, anyone can share some workflow examples? Is it just only modeling and rigging?

will be there for sure, ive been waiting technically now 5 montsh for someone to do what this guy is gonna show, the fact is blender went from 2.79 and made tons a user interface changes that messed up tons a tutorials and the tut makers cant do stuff as much cause they keep changing stuff too fast…

things have slowed a lil now and hte tuts are rolling but as to a rigging and import its a ways off via regular channels, if i can get thsi down and such im off to races with original conent and can do a ton more neat stuff.

great to see epic!!!

This is exciting. Going from Blender to Unreal is a bit of a pain.

Considering Epic seems blatantly opposed to publish my plugin BoneBreaker for Blender within the Epic Store, as well as the fact they funded the next 2 or 3 years of development of Blender its highly possible they will release their own sort of plugin, maybe.
I don’t really know. In the mean time. It’s free. It’s for ue4 to blender, and you can even export animation curves, which involved quite a bit of FBX export rewriting.

Also, the next update will include a ue4 compatible Toes button that will generate the base rig plus the toes.
The automated weight paint doesnt work well though, I’m currently trying to re-invent that particular part of the wheel.

I can also recommend the Auto rig pro addon for blender, though it’s not free it’s full of great features… besides rigging anything fast it can export animations in ue4 format. If your character has different proportions than the mannequin you need to retarget anyway, but if the proportions are the same then an autorig pro character can use the mannequin’s skeleton right away.

Are these going to be recorded somewhere? I really want to watch this, but I’m not gonna have time at 2 :frowning:

Yes, Please This. Sounds like a problem I’m having right now, and it seems to give me wobbly legs.


On the part where they rename the armature from ‘Armature’ to root and say naming it ‘Armature’ would cause a clash, having it named ‘Armature’ does have some special significance and will prevent unreal from creating an additional root bone out of the armature object’s object transform. I think if you don’t need a root bone (usually not if not using root motion) this may be better for performance, and it may also help when exporting a marketplace mesh/skeleton from unreal into blender to avoid creating an additional redundant root bone when you re-export from Blender.

Also, on the part where the bones are assigned vertex groups for rigid object animation, you can also do this by putting objects in a parented hierarchy and having no actual bones, and then exporting them (can’t remember if this requires some special export switch). This allows you to keep them as separate objects, and can be better for still being able to model separately on the individual pieces, redo bakes on them individually, etc. I’m not sure which way is best.

Great stream! Just watched it on YouTube and learned some very helpful tips. I’m very comfortable with Blender already and am just getting back into UE4 since not really using UE since the very first (extremely buggy) iteration that I got with the original Unreal game back in '98. It’s great to be back! Thanks!