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Mannequin Compatible Animations and Meshes! - Blender to UE4 - Free Addon - Mr Mannequins Tools 1.0

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    [TOOL] Mannequin Compatible Animations and Meshes! - Blender to UE4 - Free Addon - Mr Mannequins Tools 1.0

    Blendered, Rendered and imported to UE4
    Blendered, Rendered and imported to UE4!

    Mr Mannequins Tools - first release of an add-on for Blender 2.8 that gives the ability to export animations and weighted meshes that are directly compatible with the third person mannequin without re-targeting anything in engine!

    • an animation ready mannequin rig with IK and other various rigging features
    • an accurate Blender version of the mannequins material
    • all mannequin mesh LODs
    • the mother of all FBX export scripts.
    This is the first release so there are bound to be a few bugs and issues but everything is working perfectly on my end!
    Plenty more to come including advanced mutilation rigs, a female mannequin amongst other meshes, a posing interface and moar options for everything

    Here's the covering video:

    You can download the add-on for free from Gumroad (donate if you feel generous and/or want me to keep it updated!)

    I may add other download links...

    Feedback much appreciated, suggestions for updates would be lovely!

    (I have no way of testing this on iOS or Linux so if someone could be so kind as to test that for me that'd be awesome)

    If you have errors or issues with this add-on then i will need screenshots to fix them!
    User Guide

    Download (Just offer 0 if you aren't donating)
    Open Blender
    Go to Edit\Preferences\Add-ons and click "Install..."
    Select the .zip you just downloaded and click "Install Add-on From File..."
    Then tick the box to the right of the add-ons entry

    Loading the defaults:
    In the toolbar next to the 3D veiwport open the "Mr Mannequins Tools" panel
    Then in the "Stash" panel select a "Rig" to load and click "Load Rig"
    Making sure the loaded "Rig" is selected in "Object Mode" in the "Stash" panel select a "Mesh" to load and click "Load Mesh"
    (Set "Auto-load Materials" to True if you don't want to load and assign them manually and "Parent to Active" does what it says on the tin)

    Exporting animations: (Your .blend must of been saved at least once before you can export anything!)
    Make sure you have the armature selected in "Object Mode"
    In the "Export" panel of "Mr Mannequins Tools" set "Export Animations" to True
    Set the "Animation Export Folder" you wish to export to
    Setting "Batch Export Animations" to True will result in all actions that the armature can use in the .blend file being exported to seperate .FBXs
    If not batch exporting only the active action on the selected armature will be exported.
    ("Force Start/End Keyframes" may solve end frame inaccuracies and sometimes the "No Animation Track" error once imported to UE4)

    Exporting meshes: (Your .blend must of been saved at least once before you can export anything!)
    In "Object Mode" select the meshes you wish to export then select the rig that those meshes have "Armature" modifiers to
    In the "Export" panel of "Mr Mannequins Tools" set "Export Meshes" to True
    Set the "Mesh Export Folder" you wish to export to
    Setting "Batch Export Meshes" to True will result in all selected meshes being exported to seperate .FBXs
    If not batch exporting all selected meshes will be exported into the same .FBX
    ("Apply Modifiers" is up to you but setting it True will stop shape keys being exported")

    Character Stashing: (There are still a few bugs/issues with customs stashes but it works great for the default armatures, meshes and materials)
    Choose a name for the folder you wish to create
    Then select the location for it
    Click "Add Stash" and a drop down menu should appear (If a stash folder already exists then that folder gets assigned instead)
    In "Object Mode" select the meshes you want to save for later then select the rig they have armature modifiers to (These limitations will be needed in future)
    Extra panels should of appeared underneath the "Load Mesh" and "Load Material" buttons with some options for saving your character

    The "Overwrite" options will cause anything saved with the same name in the current "Stash" to be overwritten, if false nothing gets saved if it already exists
    "Pack Images" packs any images the material uses into the saved file (so you don't have to fix up texture filepaths when loading)
    "Auto-save Materials" will cause any materials used by the selected meshes to be saved to the current "Stash"

    Once you have chosen your options click "Stash Meshes" to save the selected meshes to the current "Stash"
    Now you should be able to see meshes/materials in the same drop downs as the defaults and be able to load them just the same

    Clicking "Remove Mesh" or "Remove Material" will delete the selected mesh/material from the current stash and your PC
    (you can't remove the default ones though)

    Clicking "Remove Stash" will only remove the current "Stash" folder from the add-on memory, to remove it from your computer you will probably have to delete it externally. The add-on will try to delete it from your PC but if it cant it just removes it from the add-on. Maybe it will work for you, who knows!

    Deleting a "Stash" folder externally without removing it from the add-on will result in the add-on getting rid of it itself.

    I have crashed once or twice when loading custom meshes from custom "Stash" folders, when i re-opened the .blend everything had loaded as expected. I am currently unable to recreate this bug so i am still diagnosing the cause, i have a feeling it might be to do with what's selected in "Object Mode" but i'm not sure.


    Disappearing Secondary Armatures:
    Loading a second mannequin mesh after loading a second mannequin armature removes the second armature and set's the second meshes armature modifier to the first armature. Will fix ASAP. Thank you for finding this YouTube user "Milan Rys"

    (Workaround: just load the meshes you want with the first armature then duplicate them manually (Shift+D) after loading a second armature and set the duplicated meshes armature modifier to target the second armature)

    Content Updates (I may add, move, change or cancel any plans at any time and i'll try to keep this section updated)

    Currently Working On:
    Version 1.1: (Predicted = 01/11/2019)
    • System:
      • Animation import - Done!
      • Scale detection -
      • Pose interface (basic) -
    • Rigs:
      • Basic Armature:
        • FK switch - Done!
        • Head tracking -
        • IK parenting - Done!
        • Finger IK option -
      • Advanced Armature: (It's looking like i'm going to have to postpone the advanced rig! Still going to try and get it done)
        • Finger IK option -
        • Foot roll drivers -
        • FK switch (needed?) -
        • Head tracking -
        • IK parenting -
    • Materials:
      • Cartoon shader -
    • Other:
      • Sky sphere -
      • Floor -
      • FPS Gun - Done!

    Future Updates:
    Version 1.2: (Between 01/12/2019 - 01/02/2020)
    • System:
      • Pose interface (advanced)?
      • Armature stashing?
      • FK with IK enabled?
    • Rigs:
      • Mrs Mannequin Armature?
    • Meshes:
      • Mrs Mannequin Mesh?
    • Materials:
      • Mrs Mannequin Material?
    • Other:
      • TP template meshes?

    Version 1.3: (Between - 01/02/2020 - 01/04/2020)
    • System:
      • Character scaling?
      • Animation stashing?
    • Rigs:
      • Humanoid Rigs?
    • Meshes:
      • Humanoid Meshes?
    • Materials:
      • Humanoid Material?
    Last edited by Jim Kroovy; 09-19-2019, 11:52 AM.

    Almost got the script done for animation import! default third person run imported and working on my rig in Blender! Check it out! Only a few things left to fix


      Hey this is pretty cool!


        HeadClot Thank you! i'm currently editing together a video that goes into more detail about how the mannequin compatibility actually works! If you're interested i should have it uploaded later or tomorrow. I worked really hard on this, and i have many big plans for it

        EDIT: Here's the explanation video!
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          Idk if you ever worked with the 3ds max biped rig but when you animate with the biped rig the rig is full fk but at the same time is ik too meaning you pose with fk and adjust with ik. Is your rig able to do this without the need of going to some settings and manually fk ik switch?


            dandezign I've done some work with 3DS max (i dont get on with it very well) but i do have a method of doing almost as you mentioned as well as a method of switching manually, i just haven't implemented them on this rig yet (My method of IK with FK both enabled at the same time kind of works in reverse to what you described so... you would pose with IK then adjust with FK, i'd like to try and have it work both ways though so it's something i've been trying to do in Blender)

            EDIT: I did have the pose with FK then adjust with IK system very nearly figured out, but i stopped working on it as i'm not sure if it's something Blender users would like as many people i've spoken too are used to using a manual switch! What do you think? Should i keep working on it?
            Last edited by Jim Kroovy; 09-11-2019, 07:14 AM.


              Jim Kroovy Yeah you should and the reason why I like to pose in fk and adjust with ik is to have the fk rotations because posing with ik you have to do a lot of in-between poses and thats just time consuming.

              I've been wanting something similar to the biped control rig from 3ds max with just the ability to not have to manually switch between fk and ik in blender and still keep the fk rotations, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say cause i feel like I'm not using the right terms here. Thank you for this amazing plugin.
              Last edited by dandezign; 09-12-2019, 07:37 AM.


                dandezign alrighty, i can't promise it will be in the next update in a few weeks but perhaps the one afterwards


                  Originally posted by Jim Kroovy View Post
                  dandezign alrighty, i can't promise it will be in the next update in a few weeks but perhaps the one afterwards
                  Awesome thank you so much.
                  Last edited by dandezign; 09-13-2019, 02:29 AM.


                    Thanks a lot for this, this will be very handy for prototyping when you have lack of animation. I kept hitting the export button to try to export my first animation, but it wouldn't work. Took me a while to figure out that I needed to save my blender file to get it to work. :P Just a warning to the rest of you, if it won't export your animation, just save the blender scene first


                      ThatLittleSpider I think one of the first things i said in the covering video was that you had to save your .blend file first BUT i do appear to have missed it out from the "User Guide" above in the post! I'll be sure to put it in there soon!

                      I plan to make add on screen notification windows for all my error messages in the next update so that should hopefully help a lot too.

                      If anyone has any problems with anything then it would be great idea to check the console window... i've set up most of my error messages to print there until i finalise them and add in the warning messages


                        Haha, guess it is my own fault for not watching the video.. Typical me, I am the kind of person that just try things on my own before trying to find a solution. :P I am not an expert in blender either, trying to convert from 3dsmax to blender these days. Thanks for the tool, its awesome.


                          Blender > 3dsmax in my humble opinion Around 5-6 years ago i started learning animation in Maya and gave up within 6 months and downloaded Blender instead hahaha, i've never regretted it even once! Now it seems like everyone's making the switch!

                          You are very welcome, there's a whole lot more coming for this add-on too!

                          Please let me know if you have any Blender troubles and i'll see what i can do for you


                            I am pretty experienced in 3d packages in general. I always figure out the way to do it in blender by google. It is just the start that is hard, the general small stuff. where tools are located etc. If there is something I cant figure out I will ask you. I Appreciate the offer.

                            I did buy an awesome plugin, the pie menu editor. Which allows me to create my own pie menus. That made it a lot more similar to Maya's marking menus, which I loved. It speeds up the workflow, and I don't have to look for the tools.That gave me access to all the tools how I wanted them. Something I missed in max, tried different plugins for max, but they just didn't hold up and could not compare to marking menus or pie menus.

                            Thanks again.