Bake Gi, in lightmap


I noticed they are not Global Illumination in the scene on android. I want to know, how bake the GI in the lightmap to be able to have on android ?

Thanks for help and sorry for my English


You should be able to use static lighting(lightmass) on mobile, which gives GI. Can you give more details and screenshot of your problem please?

Thanks a lot, that’s work fine with static lighting enable :slight_smile:

Thx dude

Very Good. That’s good now. After 2 days of search :slight_smile:



Static GI always bake to Lightmaps. The GI which interact with movable objects, baked to Indirect Lighting Cache.
But in mobile you cannot get GI from movable object with emissive material.

This is screenshots from Samsung Galaxy S2

How did you make the game look so good on Android? when Im in android prewiev and in device my game looks so flat.

Em I missing a setting?