Awful RAM consumption

I don’t know if you experience it too but I feel like my computer have not enough power… nah - not enough power… My computer must be like Commodore to GTA 5 or something because RAM and CPU consumption often reaches 90% from Unreal 4 Editor ONLY. I don’t know how you - Epic Games - achieved this - your launcher usually consumpts 300 MB of RAM and when having some operations it takes up to 700 MB RAM - surely, its the most RAM expensive editor or even application I have heard about. But here is the main problem - what the heck is wrong with the editor? Usually it looks like this:

  • Editor just opened → 1,5 gb ram
  • few minutes later of idle → 2,5 gb ram
  • Coding in some blueprint (actors, humans etc) → 3,5 gb ram
    Okay, even that I could stand. Sometimes I want to find some references. And today Unreal broke my nerves. I received message that > 25 blueprints coudn’t be used to find because they were not indexed. So I pushed “Index All”. And this was my final mistake - computer suddenly started to lag, was very, very, very laggy. I looked at Task Manager and what I saw → From my 8 GB of RAM Unreal 4 only took up to 6,5 gb ram (changing from 4,2 to 6,5 quickly), from my 4 core processor (AMD Phenom II X4 840) it took 75%.
    And here is my question → WHY?? WHY??? Is this really necessary? Where the 3 GB RAM went when indexing blueprints? WHERE?! My friend is using Unity 5 and he have 2GB of RAM, some NVIDIA GT card and 2 core i3 so its really possible to lower RAM and CPU consumption. I am really starting to think why Epic Games set it free and I begin to think it shouldn’t be “If you love something - set it free” but “If you coudn’t do well something - set it free”.
    Can someone give me some reason why from technical side it uses so much power?

because is full of bugs this is why

I doubt dev’s are inclined if you start offending them.
heck, even I feel offended.

Unity 7 years. unreal coming up on 20 I think. Yup I’m sure epic knows a thing or about game engines.

Excuse me unreal real came out in 1999 so about 16-17 years ago… Still…

unity is a software with what you make game .
unreal is a game with what you make a game in the game .
Saying the truth ue3 wasn’t bad at all but with ue4 they ruined everything

Well… why spend the time complaining?
You dont need to use ue4 if its not your thing you know :slight_smile:

Nothing can explain the reason why launcher takes so much memory. None of all launchers takes > 150 MB but Unreal’s is broking every record - 750 M-E-G-A B-Y-T-E-S of RAM. Are you kidding me?

well, going offline helps.
2nd, the launcher loads a lot of high res images, gifs and pre-loads all the images of the learn, marketplace, fortnite, UT and ARK tab. (that is something I think should change)

That said, you can just close the launcher :slight_smile: