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Would it be possible to get an in-depth tutorial/guide on snap points, and all of the various options that have to do with placing structures?

plz can we get

proper get owner of obj event function?

search function for objects eg if theres 10 cameras down it cant search for just 1 :slight_smile:

Plz and ty

Ditsov, can you add [Tutorial] Understanding Item Quality - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums


done :slight_smile:

If i forgot any link, feel free to remind me.

any idea when there going to release relevant content/tutorials/info (graphs, get owner,) ect

Heres what im talking about how easy was this like 2 mins >.<

put that in ur tutorial section My Basic UI Tutorial.

thanks vindomire, added to the list :wink:

can we get some info for the new guys ur trying to bring in its kinda just stabbing in the dark and hours of getting references just to find out its undo able with what u have exposed or just refuses to work… im thinking things like snap flag ids, some general info for the noobs, some actual info and graphs exposed and last but not least some eg. graphs for them… im an experienced modder and sometimes i have a hard time doing things so i cant imagine how these guys ur bringing in feel since this is the most undocumented game known to man legit we do like 90% of ur documentation ourself how bout a hand :slight_smile:

This is a major problem for me. Learning the stupid blueprint system to start. Learning the ue4 engine. … and then trying to figure out how to do what I need with what is there… spent hours on a player list to find out other players aren’t exposed to the client so the player list just shows the one player… so much wasted time. I did a tutorial for the ui because so many people couldn’t figure it out and the documentation is atrocious. I realize it’s early release but you open the game and the tools… you need to have the docs to back them up.

All you just mentioned it given by UE4. Non of these problems are special for Ark. Go with the UE4 docs.

no it isnt all UE4, there are things that they have for ark only. Nodes that arent covered there about what they do or why they do what they do. There is no list of ARK Exposed variables on the UE4 documentation.

I didn’t say there is one. In your previous example you talked about a player list, the UI and the blueprint system as a whole and that is the same in UE4 and Ark. But following your logic they should only release the ADK if they would have docs backing them up. Let’s say I disagree since I know that a lot of people in here created things that were possible without docs but impossible without the ADK.

im saying the adk being out is great but should of been release with docs, the UI isnt completely the same as UE4 in how it had to be called. The player list isnt the same either as it seems online players either arent exposed or the variable is undocumented and i cant find it. Granted i learned to design the UI from UE4 tutorials that was the smallest hurdle to getting it to actually show. im sure if they made what 34 million or something on prerlease and climbing they can afford a guy to write the docs.

The UI is the same (as UE4 4.5) besides the fact that you need a different base class which is totally expectable since this is a Modding tool and not a game creation tool. About the playerlist I replied to you on your other thread.

the ui may be the same, however most tutorials have you adding the call to the level blue prints or to actors that they create in the game to play with. Those tutorials do not work with ARK, try putting the ui creation in the level blueprint see where it gets you… Things are similar to vanilla ue4, some things are exactly the same, some things are completely different, some things arent exposed. Thanks for comming out though.

Works fine for me. But you shouldn’t do it in the level script. Do it in the gamestate, pawn or controller. It’s a systemic game. Level blueprints are only recommended in linear games.

Shameless pluging: [Tutorial] Dinosaur Taming Parameters - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums
Also, the Item Quality tutorial is listed twice… my OCD is acting up :stuck_out_tongue:

sure in the editor. cook it and upload it. tell me what happens.

is there a tutorial about animated custom assets?