AR Project black screen when launched on phone

I’m trying to launch a very basic AR app onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but it only shows a black screen instead of starting the camera. This is odd since I the Handheld Template AR project in Unreal works fine on my phone. This is what my ARPawn Blueprints look like:

I’ve looked through so many forums/videos and tried so many things with no luck, it launches but no camera. I even put print string’s in there to make sure it was running (they execute before the for each loop but not after).

If anyone can help me with this I would be so so grateful!

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Try unchecking Support Vulkan. I ran into the exact same issue with pretty much the same nodes you have. In Project Settings → Platforms → Android, under Build, uncheck “Support Vulkan”. Once I did that and relaunched it to my phone, it started working. If I checked it again, it stopped working. I figured this out by creating a new project with the Handheld AR Template which did work. I then opened up the two Project Settings side by side and looked for what was different between the two.

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Didn’t worked for me ,… I tried check vulkan (got error OpenGL required ), when I tried again with uncheck still nothing

I have this problem during the first installation when Android asks for access to the camera. I have to close the application then reopen it to solve the problem. There must be a solution that is less tinkering. Maybe restart the AR session after validation for example.

Does anyone have a solution?

Official response : use 5.2 ?