AR core almost dead in ue 4.25

After installing ue 4.25

Hello Ar doesn’t work
AR image template doesn’t work

In our application at clean android found glitches when slide bottom android bar

HDR still not work at mali GPUs

Antialiasing doesn’t work without HDR on

Guys from epic, will you ever try fix something in ar direction or it is lost forever?

It really is beyond comprehension.

Magic Leap devices sold: 6000

ARKit/ARCore capable devices: several hundred million units

Yet Unreal Engine dedicates so much to MagicLeap, even it’s plugins are enabled by default,
and Mobile AR is undocumented and broken.

ARKit/core functionality does work and regardless of your frustration. Start working with 4.26. This is where Epic’s XR team is putting an incredible level of effort to provide unified architecture support for AR/VR.

We’re working across a number of HMDs and mobile platforms.

No developer’s focus was ever fully on MagicLeap but they were the only ones having distributed to the consumer market till they face-planted. Their capabilities on HoloLens 2 are about as impressive as you can get.

Why have no developers created an expansive game in AR? No one will spend time holding a mobile device out in front of them for more than a few minutes… it doesn’t exist.

When the HMDs arrive on the market in the next 12-24 months you will see support grow exponentially everywhere.

Check out 4.26.

Come on, friend. No one wants to bash Epic and we all know they do great work.

But deriving from ARCore to MagicLeap, Hololens, then

(!? they are already here, even without mass distribution there is so much possible with current devices, think beyond gaming)

and then alleging a

  • all that gets off topic. This forum is for devs helping each other, not for defense speeches, please relax. No harm meant, ok?

It should be allowed to address problems, that makes a great community.
Fact is, ARCore and ARKit have many bugs and problems over several releases, just use the search function in forums, answerhub and bug tracking. Reports and screenshots speak for themselves. It barely works and missing current features.

Core problem is that Epic communicated how great it would be with AR (check State of Unreal at GDC 2018), but reality was crummy. Having this experience over 2 years does make skeptical. Showing an impressive demo is not the same as ready to be used for production. Try to see the entrepreneurial aspect. The complete lack of documentation and constantly finding problematic bugs makes development slow and financially risky. So of course unkept promises and unreliability creates frustration and skepticism.

Yes 4.26 made big efforts, we cheer for it, but it’s only a preview, much is experimental or beta. It still carries bugs that are delayed for 4.27 or later ( check Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (Search Results) )

@VoxLux Did you fully test 4.26 ARCore for all features and found any bugs?
If you talk about Hololens 2 and other platforms, did you test these aswell with 4.26 previews and can confidently recommend it’s working state, besides only minor bugs?


Working at the very edge of platform capability, with Epic working at that same edge, we have to be patient and strategic about planning, what we do, what milestones we try to accomplish while Epic continues with this unified XR set of tools. We have the benefit of having a relationship with Epic which helps us manage expectations.

We have had considerable success in 4.26. We rely on all resources available, including the UDN where we spend considerable time. We’re developing for Kit/Core. We know that Epic will have the remainder of solutions for most XR development needs in Q1 of '21 but it won’t be in 4.27.

Relative to hardware, you either have an educated view of where everyone is today or you don’t. There is a clear and accepted state-of-the-industry right now relative to XR. It’s also why until now Epic has made decisions they have… as I alluded to above.

Please consider the following advice to help make a difference to this community and Epic at large…

  • Curbing that sharply-negative, condescending, know-it-all attitude will help you across the board!
  • Your own etiquette is in opposition to what “Makes a great community” and only insecure folks only say “No harm” and then continue on with the negativity.
  • What you perceive is a “Defensive speech” is your own reaction to an attempt to diffuse your inability actually provide any semblance of advice.
  • If the first response to a post is not an answer but just a bunch of crying/complaining you don’t post.

Choose to be part of the solution vs part of the problem in any public forum…

@VoxLux seems presumptuous and does not answer any question on the topic. So much for “part of the solution”.


@VoxLux any recommended solution to black screen on the default handheld AR template in 4.26? The camera texture is missing and the screen is drawn black. Tracking works as expected though.
Tried on iPhone SE as well as iPhone7 plus and the results are the same.

does anybody know whats a supported, stable platform basis for AR in UE4?

I was looking forward to developing in 4.26 but I’ve tested on both platforms in 4.26 and it is even more broken than 4.25.

  • ARKit camera overlay doesn’t work on older IOS devices iPad (2017), iPhone SE
  • ARCore camera overlay stops working when the level & AR session are restarted
  • *ARCore passthrough material doesn’t work, there seems to be no way to update the material’s texture successfully *- fixed this by adding a Passthrough Material Update Component then adding the affected component
  • ARCore performance is much worse than 4.25
  • Packaged APK size is much larger than in 4.25

AR really hasn’t been updated in any real way for a long time, I’m still using 4.20, and that needed many fixes to do AR at a reasonable quality. I’d like to help Epic stabilize and become the best AR platform, maybe they’ll reach out. If anyone wants to try out our AR app on the App Store it’s called “Illusions AR”, it’s a full cloud thing with all the additions. We even made content creation plugins for UE4, it enables any UE4 map created with interactions to be placed anywhere (persistently), it makes Unity MARS look like a hobby :wink:


Hi all. I’m sitting in the same boat as you guys and couldn’t agree more that the AR journey with Unreal is a constant up and down. Nevertheless I was able to fix most of the issues along the way but now I’m having a new one with AR Kit and 4.26. I wasn’t able to catch any big issues with 4.26 an AR Core though. Camera issues are gone, I was finally able to get better looking reflections on Android and the passthrough material setup works too. If anyone needs help on that regard, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m also on the Unreal Slackers Discord going by the name “Thoeme”.

Regarding AR Kit and 4.26

First and foremost as far as I’m aware with 4.26 using AR Kit 3.0 support for older Apple devices is essentially gone. If I’m not mistaken this is a decision made by Apple. I’ve already created a dedicated forum post where I ask if someone at Epic could verify that. I really hope that I’m wrong on that one, because it would be an even more painful process if we would have to have two separate branches on each project. With current builds of our app using AR Kit and 4.26 they crash as soon as the AR session would start on older devices. With newer devices the AR session does indeed properly start and function. But I’ve experiencing strange rendering issues, which can best be described with an image:

So if any of you guys has any idea what the issue could be, I would be very happy to hear about that. Any suggestions are welcome.

Guys… take your questions to UDN. As I stated, I don’t do a lot of posting here.

Did you also post a bug report to Epic for it?

always the best way to inform them

Hi @Thoeme ,

I’m having trouble figuring out:

“I was finally able to get better looking reflections on Android and the passthrough material setup works too.”

getting the passthrough material setup to work in 4.26
I had no issues with it in 4.23 but with the latest ARcore plugin things have obviously changed. Any tips or even better a screenshot of how to apply a simple camera passthrough onto a mesh would be great.

I’m actually trying to update the Augmented Faces demo from Google which works fine in 4.23 however the face stuff seems either removed in 4.26 or heavily changed. Getting at least the camera passthrough material working however would be a great start.

EDIT: Ok I finally figured out how to get the camera pass through onto the new face component in 4.26. Really not easy to figure out thanks to no documentation and all previous examples no longer working. Let me know if anyone else gets stuck on figuring that out.

I met this issue as well and solved it by disabling Metal Desktop Forward Renderer.
This is a feature disabled by default. I remember I enabled it for AR reflection feature.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the AR camera texture. By searching on the internet and in the documentation, I found several different ways how to do that but most of them do not work or are simply not available anymore in 4.26 like GetARCameraImage, GetCameraTexture, or GoogleARCOrePassthroughCamera. By searching in the engine code, I found some are deprecated but even what they recommend using instead can’t be found.
I saw some people have succeeded in doing that here. Could anyone tell me how they did please?

Thanks in advance!

bro can you help me with face mask in worked fine in 4.24 but in 4.26 the face mask does not appear where it should .any demo you being working would be great help.

Bumped into this topic while searching for solutions to my 4.26 ARKit problem on Iphone6s (no camera image), but since that we had problems with ARCore too, which doesn’t work on some androids and is expected to be at least in v1.19 to be able to upload an app to google store (when even no UE5 the last ARCore version is 1.18)… It really seems that AR is abandoned in unreal

Would you mind explain a little bit of your solution for the ARCore? I am trying and Could not make it work on Android 11…(With Target SDK 30)

Just chiming in with some relevant information: We’re updating ARCore for 4.27.1.