AR core almost dead in ue 4.25

That’s great news! Can you share any other info? Like ARCore version, added features, anything like that?

ARCore V. 1.22, but no new features are exposed to Blueprint yet. The plan is to have it updated to 1.26 for 5.0.


Yes AR in UE4.27 and 5 is no more better for production use.

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Unreal Engine 5 hasn’t been released yet. UE5 Early Access shouldn’t be used for production.

Many thanks for that update. I think I speak for all of us that this is very much appreciated.

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Anyone know what is the problem I am facing. I seems to do everything right but then when I launch it, it stuck on the screen “Welcome to the Unreal AR Template. Scan your environment to get started” without letting me to scan anything…

I’ve got a plane under the mesh which I apply the passthrough material to like this, the materials are from the ARcore plugin content