All of my actors except a few suddenly say [Unloaded] and are hidden, what is this?


I’m on the ue5-main branch of the source build. I was working with a mesh particle emitter in Niagara, and my viewports and sometimes UI were locking up for some reason. I decided to close out and reopen UE5. Upon doing so, all of my actors except for foliage, sun directional light, post process volume, skylight, sky atmosphere, fog, a few landscape actors, and my playerstart, so that means all blueprint actors and static mesh actors etc., all say (Unloaded) next to the name in the World Outliner and are grayed out. Their folder organization is gone as well. I’ve never seen this before, nor do I know of any way to “unload” actors. Right clicking gives me very little options.

  • My game plays fine in PIE etc., it’s just in the editor that this happens.
  • I found out that if I pin one, it will “load” in and I can see it in the viewport and its (Unloaded) status goes away. Unpinning it makes it “unload” again. I can select every actor and pin it to get it all to show up. Restarting the engine will cause them to revert to their (Unloaded) state, so I don’t want to do that every time I load up the project, as restarting will reset them to be (Unloaded). Reopening the map will cause the actors to revert to being (Unloaded) as well.
  • I also rebuilt the engine after pulling the newest from ue5-main, thinking the engine just had a stroke. Unfortunately it didn’t fix it.
  • I tried opening a duplicate of the map, and that duplicate is entirely empty!
  • I tried copying all the actors into a new map. They display without being pinned. Reopening that map: it’s entirely empty! Except for an “unloaded” Brush actor or something??

I am using World Partition, so I had a hunch that’s what caused it, since that handles “unloading” and “loading” of actors right? I’m not using Data Layers.

As I’m unsure if this is a bug or not, I thought I’d just ask here if there’s a way to revert these to a loaded state permanently without pinning them every time.
Thanks for any help you can provide, and if this is a bug please let me know and I’ll file it as a formal bug.


Forgot to say: my layout (while default, mind you) got extremely jumbled up. I reset to the default and now it’s fine. There was a few other odd things like errant behaviour from certain things but I can’t attribute it to that fateful restart.

In general, everything seems to be working less swimmingly after this all started happening. More crashes, etc.

Added an image:

Did you check what your settings are in the actors’ details under World Partition? Is it set to Location or Always Loaded?