ADK v222.5 is out!

I beg to differ.
If the ADK wasn’t a priority, they never should have pretended like it was. But they actually started a modding contest with serious money at stake.
Also, who runs a custom game mode and content tournament three times while the game is in alpha? Someone who cares more about marketing than making their product, that’s for sure.

I’ll be the first one to admit they’re doing a good job with the game and the DevKit, glitchy as the latter is, but priorities? Not one of their strong suits.

Read again, pls. The context was that one complained about the unrealistic storage drive needs. Every update in the launcher requires enough storage to install the whole ADK again. Fixing this is a minor priority. No one said anything about the ADK in general. I didn’t even talk about the Wildcard devs rather than the Epic devs.
Btw: I think this is rather a feature than a bug. In the worst case a modder has changed every single file of the ADK. In that case a backup will be made before the new files get copied. I am talking about a backup up every single file of the ADK. That’s why the launcher asks for that much storage.

My bad, I guess I misread your post somewhat. But if you can’t update the DevKit, then it’s pretty much the same as being unable to use it, period, so I think it is important.
You’re probably right in that it’s an issue on Epic’s end, rather than Wildcard’s.
But honestly, it is poor coding. Steam also uses hash sums to check file versions, but it doesn’t ask for additional room equal to the whole program’s size when updating or verifying. The most I’ve seen it grab is equal to the size of the files being updated/replaced - which in even the worst cases is 1/4 the total program size.

Calulating the correct space a install require should not be prioritized at all ? eih ?
How hard is it…

  • 1: check if the adk install is done… yes/no. Oh wait, the epic lanuncher already does this…
  • 1.1: yes. check if the install size matches what its suppose to be.
  • 1.2 no… well a full install required or check what files are reqired/missing etc…
  • 2 do a little math and get the real value instead of showing a 60GB requirement. for a 3-5 GB download.
    It takes like 10-15 min to do this. ffs. this is 2015, dont people learn basic math at school longer.
    or are they just though bad coding. because no matter what you say. this is bad coding.

I have NEVER EVER seen any other launcher than had a (bug/“feature”) | issue, like this taking months to get fixed.
Its been there since adk was released on the epic launcher.
And there has been like. quessing now, but its been like: 5 updates for the Epic launcher since adk released on it… if not more.

I dont mean to be blunt with you Kenturrac. but you seems to be a tad blinded fanboyism.
It seems like every post that is criticising epic/wildcard you jump with with some post defending epic/wildcard.
Just because everything is working fine for you where you got a 1TB drive or whatever. doesnt mean all the rest of us have no issues.
And also this drama about the delay the epic launcher has, will continue. So get used to it. Atleast if its going to continue to take 4-7 days between the two releases. :wink:

I try to be realistic here. Most of the critism is just pure lack of knowledge of development. I mean take that statement. He is stating that the devs do not know their **** cause they don’t fix this issue? That is so unreasonable and you will not spawn any constructive reply out of that. Besides that, they probably don’t even know about it. Has anyone here posted about that in the official Launcher feedback subforum? No one besides Ark Modding guys is following these topics. And talking about Launcher features: There are so many people out there who want to define the default project storage location for Unreal projects and they don’t get it for months. Fixing the storage estimation seems like a minor issue to that. Especially if there are only 10 people that are actually in need of it. You call it fanboyism, I call it experience with development. I made more bad experiences with the UE4 engine in the last 3 years than you will probably have in the next 8, but thats just gut feelings. Still, I wouldn’t think that I have moved any point closer to hating or loving them. About Wildcard, I don’t know. They seem to know their ****, but have no experience with Modding communities. That will improve someday. There is no particualar love towards them. I mean I dont even play Ark. I just have some professional respect towards them. :smiley:

And yes, this drama will continue. That’s fine with me.

About the bug/feature. You do understand why the launcher is doing that, right? It does a backup of all your changed and to be overwritten files. That could mean that is has to make a copy of all of the ADK. That’s why the number is that high. Sure, the validation could happen before and it could also become an optional feature that you can turn off and on, but you understand that this check is happening on purpose?!

Kenturrac i didnt meant to offend you, its just that you seem to get verry defensive when someone post some issues/criticism etc.
But seriously, you cant be so blind and not see that this launcher is bad. in my case… requiring a 60GB+ Free space for 3.5GB dl. C’one.
I would understand if it was some amateurs who wrote a launcher for a game or something.
But this is suppose to be a official launcher done by professional people.
Yeah i understand whats going on. its just that its done verry wrong.

Just had a Epic launcher update. Guess i’ll see in the next ADK Update release on epic if its fixed or not, Got 59.3 GB left :stuck_out_tongue:

None taken. I just try to educated and explain why something might be like it is. Biggest problem I see with Wildcard is the non existing transparency. Most of the things are like they are for a good reason. Most people just don’t realize or see the reason.
Having that said, I do not expect that I am right most of the time.

But srsly, if you guys want this stuff to be changed be vocal about it in the right channels as I said before. No one of the launcher devs is reading this thread. You want this change?! Post it in the right thread. That’s of course no guarantee, but posting it here will change nothing at all. No one is changing the world for you, you have to work for it.

Issit the 217 update? And what is the total space?

You should post the issue in the “Feedback for Epic” thread here:

Right now my ADK v.217 is 68GB.

WTF !?! 68GB?? I was thinking to reinstall my ADK cause ive problem with 215 but downloading 68GB will take forever…

I had to delete some file from my storage so i got around 61GB free. then i did the update.
A few hours later i started the epic launcher again and it started to do a self update for the launcher only.

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ → 81.4 GB
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ArkDevKit → 65.8
This is with 217 and some of my stuff.


You misunderstand slightly, it would seem. The space the ADK takes up on a computer is once the launcher has completely unpacked all of the compressed files, or rather the things that could be compressed.

For example, the size of my ADK install is about 65GB’s… but the drive it’s on has compression enabled, even though it’s a 4TB drive I hoard a lot of data, and with being compressed, it’s down to actually taking up around 61GB’s on the drive.

If you were to redownload the entire thing, I would expect you would be downloading around 50-ish GB’s. I think the ADK was around 45-ishGB’s or around that mark for 210 or something.


The question is where is 218 already?

Any news on v218? Or, dare I say, v219?

The Devkit needs to be updated PRONTO!

The Devkit needs to be updated PRONTO! the last few patches to the game has broken allot of Mods because of the changes to the raft and saddle platforms. Dino mods are affected by this. All raft mods are affected. All saddle platform mods are affected by this. What in the world were you folks thinking?

Ah, so maybe that’s the reason my modded Dinos spawn all weird and ****?

Why the hell havent they updated the devkit? The hell ARK

Probably they will update for 219, with Mosasaurus!

Which would also include babies? Call me pessimistic but I see it happening a few days after. So maybe the weekend or early next week.