ADK v222.5 is out!

Hey guys,

New features;

Have a look at this new Character and correspinding Buff’s Blueprint script to see how a Buff can effectively be custom-written to do stuff in Blueprint:

Current Version: 222.5 (if you have Dev Kit v222.3 , you should upgrade to v222.5 to fix a map loading crash!)

Binaries available on GitHub with the Diff’ed Content (vs the Epic Launcher v220.1) available here.

Hope everyone is having a great day :slight_smile:

  • Sinari

Thats really good news hope it works right^^

Yeah great news, thanks!

Will the Direwolf BP be in this update? It’s not in 15.2 from what I can see, that or it’s named different from every other Direwolf file… Just wondering as someone has mentioned his wolf can’t interact with my mod as intended.


The binaries are out when will the rest be out?

Oh, wow. This will be great!

Should be in this update :slight_smile:

Check OP :wink:

Right on time :slight_smile:

The snow biome content was only fully implemented in v216, so it wasn’t supposed to be in v215 (although you could find some assets for it already, and other future stuff).
Other than that, great news! I’m regaining my will to mod, haha!

Weekend has been saved :smiley:

Sweet. Any changes in this one or just the new content?

So there are already a bunch of files for Quetzalcoatl in there, huh. I guess it’s coming no later than v220 then. :3
Actually, there is a whole bunch of tasty treats, isn’t there.

any idea how to paint snow onto the map?

Not available yet on the Epic Launcher… Is it really so hard??? :frowning:

Is it really so hard to have this drama of people complaining about it every time it happens? Get used to it. Just download the files and copy them over. What do you expect different from the launcher? It’s not a dark magic tool or something.

No, if you download the manual files and copy them into the Epic Launcher version, it crashes out and you will then be forced to redownload the old files through the Epic Launcher.

My biggest gripe with this is that the Epic Launcher has been made the defacto modding preference by the Dev team. As seen by Workshop.
Making zero mention of the GitHub method any more.

So I will complain and point it out every single time until something is done about it.
Either change the defacto preferred method back to GitHub on the main workshop site or make a concerted effort in having them updated at the exact same time.

Appreciate the release of 217.

I have to say Sovaka has a point… though arguably the answer could be “Epic Launcher is the official release platform… for those that wish to get early access to the files there is a manual download.”

Tend to agree with JasonFJ. We’d all appreciate more timely releases on the launcher, but I suspect he’s right in his interpretation of the devs’ thinking.

…Also if enough people complain they may just start delaying the release of the manual downloads until the epic version is released instead of speeding the launcher version up.

Don’t complain unless you’ve considered all the possible consequences.

I would agree with you both if the exact same Github files weren’t uploaded to the Epic Launcher without change.
We all know its the exact same versions.

And if they weren’t, then they why aren’t they releasing the Github version the day before or on the day of the actual patch?

Because, as I said, they are the Version of the patch… There is ZERO need for different versions because its what has been released officially as the patch.

Who controls the epic launcher and its’ versions? Isn’t that directly controlled by Epic Games? (Not Wildcard?)