ADK v222.5 is out!

exactly, I use the github files and simply made a shortcut of the startup bat, i never even open the epic games launcher anymore

My devkit seems to crash whenever I try to spawn a dino. It was fine with version 214.4. Perhaps Epic Launcher files could solve the problem.

is there a changenote?

Epic Games controls when the updates go out for the ADK, so don’t blame the dev’s for it not being posted on there at the exact same time. If they had their way, it more than likely would of been on the EG launcher at the same time I posted this thread

For those of you complaining; You have no idea how hard these guys work if you are complaining about when things get released. I haven’t ever in the history of Video Games seen a team this dedicated to their game, and work as hard as they are. In my opinion, they need to get more sleep lol

I understand the quarrel though, and why you are frustrated. Just keep in mind how hard they work for us all, and try to give them the benefit of the doubt when you can :wink:

I’m glad for everything the devs are doing for us. It’s just that we could still use a bit more communication. I completely understand that things take time and that the devs are doing an awesome job.

But yeah, getting more situation updates from them would be all I’d need. People are starting to whine when an update for the game has been out for several days and no word has been given for the devkit. The dead silence is what makes me feel uneasy.

Thanks again~ :rolleyes:

So what you’re saying is that we need somebody to post info on how to contact Epic Games so we can go whine at THEM about getting their **** together? :wink:

Hmm looks nice

the git hub binaries link is not working

If the link isn’t working then you’re not signed in or you haven’t linked your account properly.

I can get the link, but frankly I’m afraid to try this because people have said it doesn’t work with the epic launcher version, which is what I’ve been using up til now.

I wonder how long does it take for Epic Launcher to update their version. I too had problems with the manual update and only made mandatory mods and then reverted to 215.

it verry anoying that at times it almost takes a week before the update hits the epic launcher.
This happens evert time, which leads me to belive.
There is absolutly no QA team involved with the ADK. They “are/have to” rely on the public to spot issues and get them fixed.
So after a few days if no seriouse issues reported, they send it off to epic.
Why else do they need keep pushing out manual updates. im sure that part of the reason is to get the “we need a update naggers” to keep silent.
And no i dont want to do a manual update. it cases more issues than joy. i do wait for the epic update. Its just so **** annoying that its always several days/week late…

From what we know the issue is on EPICs side. So feel free to annoy the community guys on their official channel. If everyone who is annoyed by that does that 3 updates in a row they will change their workflow. I am not sure if they know about it and as long as no one is vocal aboutit, nothing will change. Poked the Epic community manager once on twitter about the update. Two days later we got it. Might also be coincidence. On the other side, just download the files from GIT. :smiley:

So the game just updated to v218.
The waiting begins.

Kenturrac, where’s their official channel? I’m in.

Am I Google? Look up the twitter and unreal accounts of the community manager.

So what version is on the launcher now? 217? I updated manually earlier but not it’s suggesting to update it.

It’s downloading now so I think it should be v217.

Any ETA on 218?

Just AWESOME coding skills here Epic… After serveral updates to the Epic lanuncher this is still not fixed.
Seriously what kind of dev do they have hired that cant fix something as simple as a this. Seriously.
I know this is not something wildcard has something do about. but they can push on to get this fixed.
Im running out of space on my desk. and i cant keep having 60GB free for each time there is a update for a few GB.

Devs that can handle priorities.