Actor Replication and ownership transfer

I am developing an item system with replication. I want the player’s to be able pickup items from the world, add them to their inventory, use them, and also drop them back into the world for other Players to pickup.

Right now when an actor picks up an item I set it’s ownership to that player, set it to only replicate to it’s owner, and hide its visibility,

The problem came when I wanted to drop the item. Setting it’s ownership back to null, and bOnlyRelevantToOwner back to false does not start it replicating to the clients again. I then switched to spawning a new Item when dropping however picking that item back up results in it not replicating down to any client (including it’s new owner’s inventory). I could switch to spawning on pickup and spawning on drop but that seems over complicating the issue. The other method I may try is to not set bOnlyRelevantToOwner but then each players inventory will replicate to the other players and I do not really want that…

When you drop the item, spawn a new pickup for that item in the world. When a player grabs the pickup, destroy the pickup and spawn a new inventory item that is owned by them. This keeps the ownership clean.

Oh alright fine! lol I was thinking of doing that but was wanting to avoid the spawning, if that is the suggested method that is the method.