Access level variables by all actor blueprint in level / Access actor custom even in level blueprint (C++)

Basically, I have an interactable “object” set of classes such as the following: InteractableDoor, InteractableObstacle and InteractableMisc. Due to the nature of InteractableMisc I want to handle what happens on interaction in blueprint. I have called the interaction function within the blueprint where appropriate and have created a custom event titled: Event On Interact.

Now; in my level blueprint there I want to access if the actor (Of class InteractableMisc) is Interacted with and handle the event from there, however the event does not show up in the level blueprint at all:

Is there a way to do what I am trying to do?

Fixed it, was accessing an un-casted object type. I actually fixed this a month ago, probably should have closed it.