About root uv of abc groom

This may not be the story to discuss here,
but is there a way to use blender to set root uvs in the groom?
Or is there such a function in UE4 alone?

I spent all day doing this, but nothing progressed.
I found a tutorial like this,

but it looks like a technique that can only be used in MAYA.
Can you share any trivial information to do the same thing in blender?
thank you.

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I’m trying to find the same. The Maya script is assigning UV data to each strand based on a given geometry (calculated by proximity) and then including that data as a custom attribute named groom_root_uv in the Alembic file. This attribute then can be retrieved in the material in UE. Probably a script needs to be made in Blender to achieve the same.

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I’ve been trying to find something similar, but no luck. Commenting to bump the thread, and admiting that I don’t know enough to script it myself. I founded this thread ⚓ T83838 Hair curves exported to alembic cannot be used as ue4.26 groom hair