About root uv of abc groom

This may not be the story to discuss here,
but is there a way to use blender to set root uvs in the groom?
Or is there such a function in UE4 alone?

I spent all day doing this, but nothing progressed.
I found a tutorial like this,

XGen Guidelines for Hair Creation | Unreal Engine Documentation

but it looks like a technique that can only be used in MAYA.
Can you share any trivial information to do the same thing in blender?
thank you.


I’m trying to find the same. The Maya script is assigning UV data to each strand based on a given geometry (calculated by proximity) and then including that data as a custom attribute named groom_root_uv in the Alembic file. This attribute then can be retrieved in the material in UE. Probably a script needs to be made in Blender to achieve the same.

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I’ve been trying to find something similar, but no luck. Commenting to bump the thread, and admiting that I don’t know enough to script it myself. I founded this thread https://developer.blender.org/T83838


Someone has gotten closer to a solution here. I suggest changing the category to pipeline and add blender to the title. Creating float64_t[2] attributes for alembic - Python API - Blender Developer Talk

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