[4.26] Unable To Launch Or Deploy iOS Project (Install/Verification @ 40% Failed) - Desperately Need Help

Hey Guys,

I am having a serious problem where I am unable to deploy an iOS project to the device. This is happening to 2 separate projects that I have been working on and I can’t seem to find a concrete answer or solution to get past this. This appears to be caused from a number of issues from the wrong bundle identifier to invalid certs. It’s unfortunately holding up very important work so I was hoping someone in the community or staff can help assist me.

The issue I’m facing is that I am unable to successfully deploy a development build via Windows 10 to my iPhone 11 (Unlocked) and receive the error launch failed when it hits 40% during the verification process. I am able to successfully package the build using Shipping/Distribution and upload it to the App Store to test via TestFlight but when it comes to taking a packaged Development build and deploy the IPA via the iPhone Packager or when attempting to launch from the editor, I hit this error and am unable to test.

[DD] Trying to connect to mobile device running iOS ...
Checking 'Matthew's iPhone' with id 00008030-000270582169802E of type iPhone12,1 against -device '00008030-000270582169802E'.
[DD] Transferring IPA to device 'Matthew's iPhone' ... 
[DD]  ... Transfer is 10% complete at phase 'TransferringPackage'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 20% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 30% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 40% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 50% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 60% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD]  ... Transfer is 80% complete at phase 'CopyingFile'
[DD] Installing IPA on device 'Matthew's iPhone' ... 
[DD]  ... Install is 5% complete at phase 'CreatingStagingDirectory'
[DD]  ... Install is 20% complete at phase 'InspectingPackage'
[DD]  ... Install is 40% complete at phase 'VerifyingApplication'
Install \ Update of "IL_App.ipa" failed with Unknown error 0xE8008029 in 16.95 seconds

As a note, I’m running on Windows 10 and have a VM setup with macOS Big Sur to handle remote building. I’ve seen countless posts (links below) where many users have encountered this.

I really could use some help so I can test these projects out further so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!