4.14 Preview - Nov 3 @ 2PM ET - Live from Epic HQ!

The first couple previews of 4.14 have been released, revealing a number of excellent new features heading your way in the full release. To give us a comprehensive overview, Technical Director Mike Fricker is coming on the livestream! We’re excited for this feature packed release, expect the full release in the coming release!

Thursday, November 3rd @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Sr Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](https://twitter.com/Iveytron)
Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](https://twitter.com/mike_fricker)

Questions about the release? Let’s hear em!

Mike Fricker! Yaaaaay! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yay for Mike \ :smiley: /

And a side-note for non-DST europeans out there - Epic HQ is still on DST, so make sure to tune in an hour early!

Great news , looking forward to it

Chance back on the stream must be special :slight_smile:

Alex is out of town, so you get my old mug :slight_smile:

This seems appropriate:

We are going to get our learn on. And then a few hours later… UE4 Game Dev Battle!

UE4Game Steam and works on mac?

You keep using the Showdown VR demo for promoting 4.14. Will the Showdown demo get a full 4.14 update? I would love to see all the new techniques for VR (like new shadow methods, new renderer, new anti alias, possible use of stionary lights etc etc) tested and compared to the old ones.

There has been so much focus on VR the broken basic features have been awaiting a fix for months.

^^^ Yes please

Any chance to support Joysticks, Throttles, Racing Wheels, etc. in the near future?

When will Paper2D resume Development?


  • When blueprint nativization is stable, will it become the default? If it becomes the default, will it eventually become the only option?
  • Is there a target version for Nintendo Switch support? (4.15, 4.16, etc.)

Planer reflections in 4.14 not working as expected. I have a post here on that.
Ok 4.14-2 has fixed this whoo hoo!

Ok I take that all back. Still very much broken, and other reflections are all screwed up now too :frowning:

Great show!

Can you give us an update on the state of DX12 in UE4 and when you expect it to become non-experimental?

Now that baked lightmaps/lighting scenarios are more like assets - is there any functionality currently in-engine (or in the works) to interpolate/blend between the different lighting setups? I’m thinking along the lines of a precomputed day/night cycle.

Sorry, there’s no plan to update Showdown yet. The rendering team just used it as a nice test case when working on the new static lighting features.


We haven’t decided whether it will become the default. There are some trade-offs to consider related to iteration times when working with cooked or packaged builds. It will absolutely not be the only option – we’ll always have a VM available for fast iteration.

There is initial support already, but it’s very much still in heavy development. There isn’t a specific release where we’ll advertise it as “done” yet.