100+ strange texture files appeared in level folder (4.8.3)

Hi everyone

I’m posting this after a thorough search for a similar post, but it seems like no one has experienced a similar issue yet.

So, lately we’ve been experiencing a very peculiar problem concerning some of our level files.
What you can see in this first screenshot is what happened to my “Maps” folder after tweaking our lighting a little bit (adding fog, tweaking bloom and directional light) inside the editor.

All those texture files appeared first when I saved my level. My first move was then to delete all of them, resulting in losing my level.

Having done that, I reverted after deleting the “Intermediate” and “Saved” folders from the trunk, hoping that would fix it. When I came back into the editor, the texture files were gone, but as soon as I saved the level, the texture files reappeared (even though all our lighting tweaks were gone !).

Here is what is displayed when I check any of those texture files inside the reference viewer :

What is actually referenced is my level file

Furthermore, those files don’t appear in my browser and will automatically get checked in and out whenever I wheck in/out my level file :

I really can’t understand the dependence between those files and my level.
Apart from that, everything looks fine and works as before.
I’m really looking forward to any help/suggestions from your part !


Hi there, I also experienced this for the first time today. i found a solution by first deleting all the textures (while having the map open in the viewport so you’re able to save it again shortly after). I then went to project settings–>rendering
and unticked the Generate Landscape Real-Time GI Data box. Saving the map right after didn’t generate those textures and everything works perfectly. The strange thing is that I never ticked that box in the first place? Messing around with the lighting probably triggered it.

Hey @Matlink ! Thanks for the answer !

I forgot to tag the issue as resolved. I found the answer to the problem in this thread but thank you anyway ! (That would’ve helped me a lot if I hadn’t found it). Seems like this issue causes a lot of crashes too (moving the level around the content browser for instance).

That’s the thread btw : 256 landscape textures show up in Maps folder - why? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums