Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial

Dont leave us hanging :frowning:
I’m sure somethings will get fixed…
Don’t let small things discourage you from finishing and supporting this amazing tutorial.

I will not… but I need a break from reading limited documentation, looking at bad examples, and from realizing the hype that you can make a game ‘in blueprint’ is BS.

Can we use C++ and blueprints at the same time, if we use the C++ template?
If it’s because of the weapon system, the shooter blueprint template maybe has some important information that can help us? :confused:

Yes, C++ and blueprints can be used simultaneously.

If you have any questions about weapon system mechanics, I’ll try and pitch in. TBH, you might have better luck asking the forums or even Reddit over the answerhub.

In the L_Character, when we supposed to " by your My Blueprint tab, click the drop down by the eyeball, and make sure Show Inherited Values is
clicked. You will need this so you you can expand the Character item and drag out CharacterMovement. " I cant find reference to Character item:

what im missing?

is it this what your looking for

Well, yes, i did clicked “Show Inherited Variables”. If you compare your screenshot and mine, mine doesnt have “Character” tab. :frowning:

You are inherit from Pawn class not Character class, that’s why you don’t have a characterMovement component.

For those interested, Allar has been streaming (several sessions) working on animations. Probably of interest to some to watch some of them. I haven’t as I have been taking a break to reset my brain.

thanks a lot!

For those that have not seen it…

A very much needed thing… for people like me who are used to the old level editors that are much better than what is built into UE4.

I heard about it. Many developers say it’s a great tool for level design.

Merry Christmas everyone!

yes, happy whatever it is you celebrate. I merely celebrate having a day off work.

I think I might get back to things tomorrow. Took a chance on a game made with UE4 that is an early access. Sounded good. Sort of inspired me because there was so much wrong with it that I saw… wow.

I seem to have a problem with the MM_Main part. When i start the menu the background shows up, but when i set the show main menu event on it, still only the background shows up. It seems that if i set the desired state for the MM_Main script to main menu, it doesnt display it. If i set that to startup, its all good (but i suppose thats not supposed to be set as startup aswell).

Any idea on this ? I kinda triple checked everything and its the same as yours.

see highlight…

64612027ad14ae01c864a481d798fd2b3a434869.jpeg a5c59c8613f4f01aec1306d05b7bee88c859db2c.jpeg 85658816787c854936a9a91037016205553e43e3.jpeg

Maybe this will help you understand what i meant.
(the menu part is set to startup because i wanted it to show up, if i set it to main menu, only the background shows up)

LE: it seems you have the start game custom event in the L_GameInstance BP, maybe thats the problem ? By following your tutorial i understood that i have to create the instance macros in the PLAYER CONTROLLER, no game instance. Am i wrong ? If yes, i’ll get back and recreate everything in the gameinstance bp, if not, how do you link the custom event to leave_current_state ? I cant do that because they are different blueprints (cant link a custom event with a macro from another bp)

the leave_current_state in show_mainmenu has to be set to MainMenu… and only ‘new state’ connects to the isvalid, not ‘same state’. Start_Game is made in the player controller…

Ok so i set it to main menu (show_mainmenu custom event -> leave_current_state with desired state main menu -> new state - isvalid etc etc) and i removed the same state pin.

Still nothing, only background ;/.

Im rly sorry to bother you with all this, im doing my best to learn (i actually had a working menu of my own, made from scratch, but i dont think it was clean code-wise so i decided to follow your tutorial to make a more “by the book” project). If you want/can i can eventually screenshare you the blueprints so you can take a look at them.

There is a bug with the engine IDK, if you downloaded the files and you are only using the files and no the blueprints from arbopa created then it will not show up. what I did was clone/replicate them. Then it worked after replacing the appropiate nodes after changing the name of some gamemodes/character/etc.