Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial

Somebody have problem to join in hosted matches?
Everythings work, but sometime we don’t see each other and sometime there are problem to join.
Another bug is about servers found, sometime an hotsed match repeat itself.

Someone had these problems?

akalovemaker, here is some stuff that might be of interest to you: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Tutorials - YouTube

watching it :smiley:
looks good…

I wonder if I should add animations for when the player is unarmed. Instead of just all rifle/pistol anims.

Your site is down arbopa.

Could anybody send me the pdf versions of his tutorial?

Yes. IP change is slow propagation.

Check earlier in thread for link or wiki. Pdf is on Google drive so you can get it.

was trying to move the site, ran into issues… awaiting dns zone info propagation.

wiki is still there.

Hey, wanted to contribute to this project.

I asked around about the prone thing and basically the solution to the problem would be to rotate the capsule when in prone.

Now, this is not enough, because moving forward the capsule would move the actor into the ground:

So there would be a need to change the movement when character is in prone.

Credits to Daekesh from #unrealengine on Freenode, TTaM on the forums for the suggestion.

Not just the capsule, but the entire actor, since the actor gets its rotation from the capsule root component. I’m not sure whether you could get the movement component to make you “walk upwards.” Perhaps give it the actor up vector instead of forward vector when dealing with the input?

Thanks for the info guys…
I added a couple of what you guys said, I should’ve quoted you but I had no time, need to go to work…

A staff member said, he was going to get in contact with a specific developer to see if they could implement this, which, sounds amazing.

Thanks everyone…

For reference, I put this together in a couple of minutes and it seemed to work.

You will need a switch on some bool “is prone” to flip between up (prone) and forward (regular) motion.

Edit: On further testing, it doesn’t work because the movement component forces you to be your capsule’s halfheight off the ground, regardless of the orientation of the capsule.

edit: fixed it, but leaving it here in case somebody has the same issue.

Hey, me again, as always. I’m having troubles. With joining the host menu and leaving the main menu.

The problem is that I need to click twice to open the host menu, once is not enough for some reason.

But the other problem is that this works only without the hide main menu.
Because if I have everything connected, like in the guide, after the first click the main menu disappears correctly (like it should) but I can’t click the second time to open the host.

So I’m stuck between two situations, the first one with both menus one over the other (when hide main is not executed) and the other situation is that when hide main is executed but everything disappears leaving me only with the background.

This is my MM_Menu:

This is my PlayerController_BP:

This is my leave current state macro:

Okay I fixed it on my own, in Leave Current State I was pointing from Same State rather than create a new one.

I’m so happy I fixed it on my own just looking at BPs with some logic!

glad you figured it out. I finally have my brain somewhat working and am working on setting up basic weapons, a primary and secondary, setting the base class, then the children for each, as well as a structure for classes so we can set to load the right weapons… and getting them either on our back or hip, or in our hands when we switch. All that fun.

Two things:

a) Also create another called Mode_Name of type string. on page 40 of the pdf is wrong, it has to be a type text.

b) Tutorials | Shooter Tutorial is a great website, he does mostly stuff in c++, but I think much of the things can be translated to blueprints, maybe just credit him in case you get inspired.

the PDF tells you to make it type text on page 39… not all images were updated as I had to update almost a thousand images, at some point I had to trust that the readers would figure out that sometimes he images did not match exactly and stuck to the text of what to do.

sounds fun. Can’t wait. Pls send the project files with everything in it, so I can start switching models/animations/widgets when you finish it… That way I can start from the beginning again. And it will be a bit faster process.

@arbopa I was searching for what interesting things comming up to read and I thought of you. What do you think about this?

1- Menu widget creator tool{sort of}: Modular Menu System - Create your Menus in Minutes, not Hours - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

2- lip sync tool: not a traditional software like many others but a tool that gives you over 52k animations of spoken English words, according to their page as of today: Lipsync Tool - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums
(Best part? He said it will be released for free! :open_mouth: )

3- ocean physics: Physical Ocean Surface - Developing a Realistic Water Shader - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums
Unreal Engine 4 Physical Ocean Surface - Simple Buoyancy - YouTube

Well, this were the three I fell inlove with. I bet you will too :stuck_out_tongue:

Have seen the menu thing. Cool, but it’s a pay item.

Lipsync is cool too, but nothing I see needed for what I am working towards. A single player, or maybe multi player where you have interactions that require speech.

the ocean water looks awesome… no doubt could be useful for a map here and there… but another marketplace item… and mapping is a different topic.

Thought I would get more done over the past few days, but life has come in the way of play.

how is it going with the weapon system…
I bet it’s a headache to get all that to work propertly.
BTW, the pm I sent you had this screenshot: Screenshot - 6eeac247cb48657bf04dd0c0d0f450ce - Gyazo

Haven’t had much time for anything. Honestly I am about as fed up as I can be with unreal and it’s staff right now. They don’t help and do not provide answers AFAIC… the answerhub is a joke. I am considering just dropping ue4 and seeing if unity is any better. life is too short for BS.