Wrong textures with Nanite

Hello, I have a strange error regarding the textures with nanite.
When I open my project some of the meshes that use nanite have the texture of some other mesh (which also uses nanite).
If I select that Mesh the texture goes back to the correct one. BUT if I run my project in the editor sometimes that mesh has the texture of another mesh again.
This also happens when I build and package the project (doesn’t matter which configuration).
It seems to happen very randomly since the textures which are shown on the wrong mesh also change after almost every time I run the project in the editor.
After I press ESC and return back to editing in the editor the correct textures are displayd again.



I have virtual textures turned on but it also happens when they’re turned off.

This also occurs when I create a new project.

Does anyone else have this problem or knows a solution/workaround?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue :joy: I hope the next version can be fixed…lol


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cool~solved after skylight setting stationary to movable,thanks you!!,before i trying to modify virtual texture and nanite settings,but is always wrong,maybe skylight setting stationary, lightmap in lumen not update bug. thanks again!!