Wrong Smothed Shadows from Edges

Hello, i’m trying to make my lights more realistic on my archviz project, everything looks right, but i have a little problem with the shadows. Near form edges i have unwanted shadows thats make no sense at my scene. All the structure is a single object in a sigle uv map in 2048 LM resolution. And I don’t use global ambient occlusion to prevent this effect. I use skylight with specified cubemap, and directional source just to directional shadows from windows and object.

This is not my own print, but is the same unwanted effect, this darker areas near from edges is what i need to remove, to create a more realistic lights and clean shadows to walls. I hope that someone can help me with this.

Sorry for my english, and thanks for your attention.

Hello Kasyad,

Is there a post-process volume? If so, did you check the ambient occlusion setting enable or not? If it’s enabled try to close it and let us know again.

Thank you.

Yes, i have a post process and lightmass importance volume in the scene, and occlusion is completely close on post process. Below is my occlusion settings on post process.

This is lightmass settings of the mesh that i have the shadow problem