Would this work? Shading model (no gradient in lighting)

Been wanting to do a very simple shading model. that would create hard lines in all the lighting. Pretty much no gradients. I’m pretty sure in the pixel shader you have a light buffer? Pretty much for your entire screen you would have the color and value of light for every pixel.

Could you just make an “effect” light value >0 set light value to 5, light value > 5 set to 10. Light value >10 set to 15.

Say you have clamps for 0/5/10/15/20/25/30/999999. (obviously i don’t know what light values are. Guessing 0-1?)

So these are the steps of “banding” I would want
absolute black
extremely dark
deep shadow
light shadow
well lit
brightly lit
blinding ( i would assume this would actually be absolute white)

Is this possible and would it work how i think?

Not fully sure if this will answer your question but Unreal did a tutorial on cell shading that created color banding.

I’ve seen this before and it doesn’t really work that well thanks for the reply though