Would greatly appreciate some crits on a scene (lighting, pp and mats)

I’m trying to understand lighting and materials a bit better and would love some tips or crits on the biggest problems with the following scene.

I’m at a point where I feel like any change I do makes things worse and I’m still far from happy with the look of things.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 with lower, grain and dof etc

I’d love to get a bit more realistic colors. I’m using post processing volume and a directional light for the sun with the default UE sky system.

Here are my post processing settings

I’ve got the directional sun light set to 7-9 in intensity and the skylight to 0.3 - 0.5.

I hope this isn’t the wrong sub forum for the post, I thought it would be most fitting as I’m having trouble withlighting, post processing and materials.


It looks fine to me. The lighting does.
If you added in some baobab trees, and dead brush undergrowth the scene would have a bit more life, and some different grass stalks like wild wheat. A bonus would be a dynamic sky.