World Partition: Landscape Loading Editor / Build Crash

When converting an existing level with a large landscape (large enough to be spatially loaded), the resulting game world will crash in editor and build once landscapes parts are loaded spatially.

To fix this World Partition crash enable ‘Is Spatially Loaded’ on each landscape. Secondly, the landscape has to be set to loaded.

ps. This was reported to the bug tracker today.


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It turns out the issue is still present when loading a landscape which was not previously visible on level start.

What I have done now:
Disabled HLOD for Landscapes
Removed from DataLayers
Disabled Spatially loaded
Made it visible pre-build.

It turned out that the root of the problem was landscape tile related.

Once tiles were spatially loaded during runtime a crash occurred. I use more than one landscape and perhaps because the second loaded during runtime had landscape tiles not directly connected with each other, located below landscape 1.

In the following the square illustrates a landscape tile as part of landscape 2, located below landscape 1. Once the isolated tile was removed, the crash was gone.

After editing related landscapes again the crash returned.
This crash is landscape related. There is no solution (using 5.1.1).