World Composition discontinued?


Last year I was convinced I need to update my openworld project to world composition mode due to future memory and performance problems. I changed my landscape to tile mode (sliced to 4x4 tiles) and used built-in world composition. Now, when I upgraded to 4.26 I faced that the new water system not working with wc mode (water not visible, only with freshly created simple landscape project). There was news earlier that UE5 will use a completely new world partition system used in Fortnite.

  1. Does it mean that world composition will be abandoned in 4.26 already? If so, there is a recommended workaround how to revert back to one landscape without losing years of foliaging, sculpting, other landscape work? How to fix memory and performance problems for big worlds until UE5 appears with new world partition mode?
  2. Or does Epic recommend to reverting back to 4.25 for devs who are using world composition?


Water sort of works in world composition, it’s just really buggy and it’s tricky to get it to work (see answer by w2lf):

But regarding world composition the only way it makes sense is if your landscape is bigger in resolution than 4000x4000 - and even then I would think twice because world composition is a major pain to set up, - there’s countless bugs and it takes a while to learn how to work around them.

But if you really think it’s necessary you’ll have to divide landscape in small chunks - sweet spot for PC hardware is somewhere between 250-500-resolution each tile, say 4-16 components each tile with 63 vertices and 2x2 sections where you’re streaming say 13-16 tiles.
I tried to use bigger tiles like 1009x1009 with 127x127 vertices, but this quickly becomes drawcall problem even if streaming only 4-6 tiles, so I abandoned it for my VR project.
Might work for your project if you’re targeting high end@30fps, but I think it’s suboptimal with current hardware anyways, as well as might cause hitches during streaming for player. It’s just performing better with 250-500-ish tiles regardless of your world size.

You do sacrifice potential draw distance, when using many distant LOD tiles (you can bake distant tiles as a single mesh with a single material) it’s possible to make it ~10km with a few hundred draw calls while having 500x500 tiles.

world partition will replace world composition in UE5

Did you found answers? Is world composition discontinued ?
I did upgrade my project from 4.25 to 4.26(didn’t work) and then to 4.27(Still not working).
Event virtual texture is not working on built version. On editor it works perfectly.

After upgrade I try to run server and i did get this errors.

0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer ParticleModuleLocationPrimitiveSphere_0 to create DistributionVelocityScale
[2021.09.06-06.35.02:137][ 0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer ParticleModuleRequired_2 to create RequiredDistributionSpawnRate

[2021.09.06-06.35.02:293][ 0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer ParticleModuleLocationPrimitiveCylinder_0 to create DistributionVelocityScale
[2021.09.06-06.35.02:294][ 0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer ParticleModuleRequired_0 to create RequiredDistributionSpawnRate

[2021.09.06-06.35.19:747][ 0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer LandscapeComponent_56 to create LandscapeLODStreamingProxy

Hello! Finally I decided to jump bigger and upgraded my project to UE5 and world partition/grid mode. So I exported my full heightmap to file and create and landscape in UE5 from heightmap data and leave making proper grids to UE5 WP. It works properly and I have water now with smaller bugs. Two pains left: 1) I lost my foliage but I did 1-2% of the full map, so I will recreate it by hand. 2) Sculpting/making water is very-very slow in the editor but hopefully it’s just an early access bug.