World Aligned Texture - World Position question

Can you use a vector parameter to store a “locked” position for the world aligned texture node, so that if you move the mesh, the texture is wrapped the same as if it were in the position as defined by the vector parameter? I’m trying to do this but it doesn’t seem to be taking the value properly, when I use the default Absolute World Position value it wraps the texture properly, but when I switch to a vector parameter it doesn’t wrap the texture. Maybe there’s some shader math that needs to go in between the vector parameter and the World Position input that I’m not aware of?


I think what you need here is a custom projection not the world position one mm, since are projected all the time you can’t paste the texture like that, probably you can substract the location, but the best way will be make a custom node or something probably.

I think there is already a Local Aligned Texture Material Function for that.