[Workaround found] Building Lighting Stuck (with and without using lights in game)

I should mention that I WANT to use lights, but even trying to build lighting without them fails (it fails the same way with lights, and the LightPropagationVolume etc.



When I add this Static Mesh somewhere in my scene, lighting builds 100%, everything works,
This bug that I’m getting seems to be a Paper2D bug

Hey guys,
I’m currently creating a 2d game.
I am using NO light sources of any kind, every sprite is using the maskedUNLIT source material.
I have no global post process volume, or anything that does anything visual, only sprites.
However when I’m trying to build the game, it goes from 0% to 50% and gets stuck.
Windows Firewall is turned off, incase the SwarmAgent is getting stuck somewhere, not the case.
I tried the Paper2d Stickfigure example Project, stuck at 50%.
I tried to create a new 2d sidescroller Project, stuck at 50%.
I tried any kind of 3D enviroment, working 100%, I can even build the “Boy and his Kite” Demo (even if it takes ages).

This is my Output log during build:

MapCheck: New page: Map Check
LogEditorServer: Rebuildmap Clear paths rebuilt[link text][2]
LightingResults: New page: Lighting Build - Sep 26, 2015, 3:25:27 PM
LogStaticLightingSystem: Running Lightmass w/ ImmediateImport mode ENABLED
LogStaticLightingSystem: Running Lightmass w/ ImmediateProcess mode ENABLED
LogStaticLightingSystem: Running Lightmass w/ Sorting mode ENABLED
LogStaticLightingSystem: Running Lightmass w/ Mapping paddings ENABLED
LogStaticLightingSystem: Running Lightmass w/ Mapping debug paddings DISABLED
LogEditorBuildUtils: Build time 0:00:02

I attached my [DxDiag.txt][3], incase it helps,
I hope I’m not the only one having this issue :stuck_out_tongue:
I am also currently uploading my Project files (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5ivbBQg0KxVEpYLXBWWkhnLW8/view?usp=sharing), incase any of you want to download it and see for yourself if you are having the same issue.

There are some reports on lighting build getting stuck at some point on 4.9 so you can read through them on AnswerHub. But also keep in mind that you dont need to build the lights if you arent using any lights and lit materials. Just enable Force No Precomputed Lighting in World Settings, build one last time to get rid of any existing lightmaps and continue making your game.

Hey Jacky, just seconds before you posted that, I found the Force No Precomputed Lighting, which is ok, IF I plan on using no lights whatsoever.
I really want to use lights though :stuck_out_tongue:
And I’m getting the same issue with and without any lights in the game.
I think it’s a paper2d bug

Found this workaround, maybe staff can take a look!
[SOLVED] Is your Lighting Build getting stuck at X%? Check this! - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums!