Wireframe mode - static mesh glitches?

Solved it–setting the LOD for each static mesh to “LevelArchitecture” seems to cause this. Set it to “None” and they display normally in 2D. Resolved.

Hi, I am consistently seeing glitches in 2D mode in wireframe in the editor, only for static meshes. The meshes look fine in 3D and render correctly in lightmass, but look like this (see attached screenshot). They are simple rectangular solids built in Blender 2.78. This occurs on new projects and ones updated from 4.15.

I did a clean install of 384.76 Nvidia video card drives, and rebooted, but no change. I tested the mesh in a clean install of UE4.16, same result. What else could I try? I’d like to see the meshes accurately in 2D again. Thank you