WIP - Dynamic Left 4 Dead 2-Style Wounds/Dismemberment

I’d love to do that but it’s way more difficult than this, and still kind of requires the same wound meshes, but doesn’t have the performance benefits the L4D2 system does.

Edit: That said if you’re interested in that, I’d look at John Ratcliffs “Code Suppository” as it has some mesh cutting code (and no, that is not a typo XD, John Ratcliff is a funny, and brilliant, guy).

This looks great, I was just thinking about setting up L4D’s system in UE4. Do you need some innards/guts? Let me know with an update here if you still need a simple “innards” mesh and textures and I can make it for you. I’m downloading the project now to check it out.

Thanks for doing the leg work!

@esquire - Indeed I do still need wound meshes for this.

Would you mind hitting me up on Steam? I have the same nickname there as on here. I can give you some tips on how to build the wound meshes and such.

Also to any material experts, I still need a bit of help making it work 100% especially with the projected texture, which I can’t seem to figure out the correct UVs for (plugging in the UVs as the xy of the position of the ellipse doesn’t seem to work as described in the paper).

That said it still basically works, and the wound meshing work can be started on right now.

Hi. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I can’t get this to work…I tried everything in here, and no results. I can sometimes mask the geometry, but the mask does’nt move with the character. Example: in the idle animation, the mask sits there in the air . and when I trigger the blueprint to add the mask, it removes it… Am I just to dumb or is this not working as intended?

@Telmo_Pereira - I have a new example in the works. One component that’s not obvious is that you have to alter a couple of the core .usf shader files in order for the mask to follow the animated character. In any case, the new example is much better, but I wanted to get the blood texture mask working before releasing it. That said I’m having some issues with that so I think I’ll release it and see if maybe @Chosker can help with that aspect of it.

I’ll get the example out this weekend.

@n00854180t - Dude, you’re the best :wink:
It’s not suuuper important, but I’m developing a survival horror, so some cool gore would be nice :smiley:

I won’t be around this weekend but sometime next week I could provide some help

looking forward to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

No worries there :slight_smile: Glad to have any help!

Have you tried local (tri/bi-) planar mapping?

Hi n00854180t,

I’m developing a sword fighting game and your solution is exactly what I need to show dynamical damage to the skeletal meshes. I tried to use the project that you posted a while ago but i does not work well with the skeletal meshes due to texture swimming. From the posts that you made later It seems that you could make it work with the skeletal mesh modifying the shaders, but this is way beyond my current skills :slight_smile:

Any chance that you could post a sample project please? I tried using decals but the results are not good :slight_smile:


I have a project that’s almost ready, I’ll see if I can get it updated and release it.

That would be incredible :slight_smile: even if it’s only the damage part, I’ve solved the dismemberment by pre-defining a set of dismemberment locations and then having canned meshes spawn on hit. Not the optimal way but it works… but with the visible damage I’m totally lost.


Wow! That’s impresive work @n00854180t! Do you have some “press” that you’ve based your work on? Waiting for the release :slight_smile:

@jjwisniewka - It’s based on Alex Vlacho’s (of Valve) paper.

I have a question - I did a simple break constraint test - but I have an issue with manequin head (part of mesh is still connected and it creates wierd bug) - have you experienced it ?

That’s what this system is aiming to fix, but ultimately I still need some help with the material code, because right now it can’t be moved in the projection axis - I’m not great at materials coding, so I haven’t been able to fix this yet.

Perhaps if @Chosker or one of the other artists that have posted in this thread are still interested we could get together and fix up the last bit of the material that needs done (projection axis movement + doing the blood mask properly).

bump. what happen to the project?

Ultimately the system needs more artist support than I can provide, and will require cut-meshes for each character. I still have some mostly working code to do this, especially given that it’s now easy to get the extra data I used to have to hack into the system.

I’ll try to update and get it uploaded soon here.

Please do even if it’s not fully working!

We have something working, now just comes customizing the shape for cutting wounds.