Windows Mixed Reality Headset causes crashes in 4.19!

Hallo guys,

So I’ve been waiting for 4.19 because the developers said, that the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets would work again.
I created a new Template Project and wanted to try out my HMD. But everytime I play, after around 5 mins Unreal crashes.

I’m working with the Steam VR Plugin for WMR Headsets btw.

The problem is the audio device goes away when the device idles, and there is a random chance the engine blows up when that happens.

There are two similar issues on answerhub:

We have the same problem with the Vive. New VRTemplate project, VR Preview on -> play around for a few minutes -> crash.

That is a blueprint event that they are triggering on the render thread by mistake, its an easy fix but I don’t see it on the bug tracker yet for 4.19.1.

I filtered it behind IsInGameThread in my personal code for the time being, however since polling the location is only really done in the motioncontroller tick for the game thread it would be valid to just move the event into there instead.

I don’t know what the state of VR in UE4 would be without you, mordentral! Thanks for catching this.

Can you share the file and line(s) in the code? Then we can flood the issue tracker with bug reports :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers!

@mordentral is this fixed in 4.19.1?

Yes it was

Nice, I’ll try it. Thank you!

Is everything okay with FPS, when Mixed Reality Headset is in use?
I have a serious fps loss, which i don’t have, when I use Vive or Vive PRO