Win64 Target Binaries Not Found

Hey all, I have a project that I upgraded from UE 4.26 to UE5.0EA and when trying to package for Windows I get the following message.

The Binaries for this Target Platform are not currently installed, would you like to use the Launcher to download them?

The odd thing is I tried to package the Ancient Valley sample and it worked with no problem. I checked the DefaultEditor and DefaultEngine ini files to see if there was anything it was reading that wasn’t changed as part of the conversion but I can’t find anything obvious.

The other piece of info is that it see’s that I have Windows SDK 10.0.18362.0 installed, so it should be using that??


Kinda lost as to what else it could be, I did also delete the BuildConfiguration.xml in the roaming folder for UE and let it regenerate that. In all cases it still fails to package my project, but Ancient Valley has no problems.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.