Win64 Target Binaries Not Found

Great, hopefully they can put out an update maybe or something they can have sorted for their next release.

One thing I noticed was that if you modify the uproject to take out that supported platform, it the editor will prompt if that the uproject is out of date, so if you click “update” it will add that platform back in.

Not quite sure if possible to get around it at the moment, but at least you can ignore it and say not to update when it asks.



So it was broken as part of the UE5 EA release of the plugin?
I will give that a try, when I next get a chance. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah latest update for the ea2 plugin seems to have broken it. This works like a charm though, just dont update :slight_smile:


Hey! Yeah I just tried it too and works fine for me too!

Guess no updating of the plugin until the engine’s full release next year :sweat_smile:

Thanks tons also again for the help with this dude!

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