Why would lighting be completely different for same project different computers?

Hey there,
Suppose we have a simple scene with a single enclosed room, a single directional light, and an HDRI backdrop with a skylight attached.

When we open our project on one computer, we can see our entire interior room, as if the directional lighting is going through the walls. When we open the exact same project on a different computer, the interior of our room is pitch black (expected and the desired thing to happen).

My question is, what would make the project’s lighting behave so differently?

We’ve checked and this happens with either open world / basic levels, hollow solid meshes, and with just a directional light placed in the scene. inside of hollow cube is visible on one computer, completely black on the other computer.

Any thoughts?

Without knowing the specs of both computers, it sounds like one computer supports ray tracing on the video card, while the other does not.

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