Why won't a specific section of landscape render with applied material?

Why won’t a section of landscape not render for other members of my team after upload, through either Source Control or Perforce? I can see a full render on my end, as my pc is where the landscape and material were created. But there is one section of the landscape that will not render for the other members of my team, no matter how often I’ve tried reapplying the material and uploading to our central server for the others to download and update the level on their ends, but with no success. The material applied to the landscape is kept simple, with 2 of the 7 layers having landscape grass types associated with them, to provide a smattering of ground plants where painted. Trees are painted with the foliage tool.

your seven layers might be the problem, materials have a limit to how many textures can be used (i think its 14). Landscape materials dont accurately count how many textures are being used when you blend them for some reason. So if you have too many textures, it will save fine, but when you try to paint the extra layers on, they turn out black, checkered, or invisible. after rereading and seeing what you said about it working on your computer first, i dont think this actually is youre issue but it might be worth looking into