Why UE-146893 is marked as won’t fix?

Can you tell me why this bug appeared? I’ve been looking all over and I still don’t know.

Can you link the bug? :slight_smile:

Hi all,


The first thing I wonder is if this would be reproducible in Lyra. It may be marked as won’t fix because ShooterGame is considered “Legacy” at this point.

Also it feels like early days for Epic Online Services, so maybe this bug is encapsulated in another report, or made irrelevant by current/future development.

If you can reproduce this in Lyra, I think it would be worth submitting a bug report.

Found the problem. Using SeamlessTravel will cause the same problem as above.

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Let’s create a simple countdown to start the game. Here’s how it should work: The server initiates the game by pressing the ‘Start Game’ button. The gamemode function notifies all player controllers (using a ‘foreach’ loop on the player controller array) that the game is about to begin. The clients display a loading screen and disable input, particularly the ‘V’ key. Additionally, we can enhance the experience by adding a cool sound and a countdown animation. After a 1-second delay, the gamemode performs a server travel, transitioning to the game scene.

By adding a sound and countdown animation, we can make the game start more engaging and immersive for the players. And the bug is gone, too.

For me it’s a good workaround for now.
It works fine in GG-Party :wink: