UE-146893 Why Won't fix?

What’s wrong with this? I’m experiencing this phenomenon.

Hey there @tjsdkdlel! That’s definitely odd! I can’t speak for the “Won’t Fix” designation even if it has a target fix referenced.

However you might be able to make a workaround by preparing a sort of state in that the game prepares to move the clients. ie instead of calling server transfer raw, have an Event Dispatcher tell all other clients to disable VOIP, then when you finish loading the other map reenable it. Does that seem possible?

Hmm, the error message that is provided basically states that the AudioComponent is either already registered or is already part of the current scene.

If I would troubleshoot this myself I would:

  • Verify that the AudioComponent is not already registered or part of the current scene. You could do this by looking at the component’s properties in the Unreal Editor.
  • Try removing the AudioComponent from your project and adding it back again. This can help reset the component and clear any potential errors.
  • The error message also mentions that the AudioComponent asset was not found in the resource cache. Check the project’s resource cache and verify that the asset is present.
  • Verify that outdated plugins or plugins that are not compatible with your Unreal Engine version doesn’t cause this error. Try disabling or updating any plugins that you have installed.
  • Finally, I would see if it is possible that outdated or unsupported code in your project is causing the issue. Try updating any outdated code, or removing any code that is not supported by the current version of Unreal Engine.
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Found the problem. Using SeamlessTravel will cause the same problem as above.

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