Why the hell is it even an option to have clipping planes set to 0? ue 4.26

So today i was working on my multiplayer fps project and i was like why the heck do guns just go through the walls i opened settings and found a near clipping planes option set to 10 and i thought that might be why it clips through the walls so i set it to 0 and forgot about it worked on the project for like 3 hours than unreal crashed so i had to reopen it and because clipping planes only updates when you reload project it was reloaded and i almost had a hearth attack all my textures were messed up all my materials slowly bit surely became invisible it all flickered like it was some gfx driver issue than all the materials came back as blank ones skybox went black when i moved my camera everything just disapeared i tried to recompile shaders(engine crashed every time i tried to do that) I even tried to fix the unreal version in the epic app searched all over the net for some solution than gave up and started to remake the whole project from scratch, at this point i was super mad… after like an hour or so it suddenly clicked why does it work in the new project and why it doesnt in the old one. facepam

:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:SO QUICK REMINDER NEVER SET NEAR CLIPPING PLANES TO 0 NEVER​:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

Im only posting this so if someone searches for this topics they might just get to this post and save a bunch of debugging time which i had to go through. I really hope this helps someone in the future!

so this isnt a question but more like a good thing to know