Why skylight causes different results on static meshes


I’m training myself on rendering static meshes in UE4.
I setup a small scene with a skylight, bsp brushes and 3 static meshes and this is the baked result:

As you can see on the picture, the middle piece is weird. It has some faces lighted incorrectly.
This problem occured only when the skylight is actived, when i delete it things render well:

So my question is what can be cause the skylight to render static meshes such a different ways? Note that all 3 static meshes have the same settings.
Also, just to be more precise about this scene, the 3 static meshes are surrounded by BSP (like a close room without window). I know it sounds weird to place a skylight to lighting a close room but i’am just doing some experiment. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.


I’m also having trouble with skylight when I use BSP. Have you tried using a static mesh to cover your scene instead of BSP?