Why only this object looks like have a high reflection?

Hello, I am trying to build a dungeon

I made some objects and import to UE4

when I take a look of them, there is a object looks like it have a high reflection, and just that object only

even look at the dark side, still so bright

here are the other objects, and i create a plane to display the material of the wall

the textures i used were export form the “urban materials package”

those walls were using the same textures, just different UV map

i tried to add the roughness map of my material

and it seems like the object got wet

i hope you know what i am saying, i am not a native english speaker

i really want how to fix it , thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why it looks the way it does, but the texture sample you connected to roughness is wrong.
the roughness/ specular/ and AO maps are probably all packed into the rgb of the texture.

hm… sorry, what the different? I’m still a newbie of UE4.
The tutorials I saw are just link the textures to the material node.

i found the problem myself, there is something wrong of my model.

after i rebuilded the model, the problem is solve

should look something like the pic I’ll link below, except this is a metal material and not brick so your metal value is just 0.

here’s a tutorial on what i’m talking about.

i edit my material like your pic using R & B channels. It looks similar as no link of roughness map. Just a little bit darker.