Why no new version number on update 4.4.0?


There is an update available on UE 4.4.0. When installing this update, the engine version displays the same version number than before (4.4.0), through the update changed the engine and needs a recompile of the game code.
We recently ran into this issue in our team, where some of us updated the engine, but others didn’t, whereas the game could not be run although the engine version stated 4.4.0.
Can you please explain to me the update and version numbering policy? Why not increasing the version number even for “minor” changes so that an exact mapping between the compiled game code and the engine version is possible?

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I read something about this. Look this up:

May its the answer to your questions :X

Thanks for this fast answer.
This goes in the right direction. Maybe I should just wait some more days and this issue gets fixed.

(: Would be the best. You could also use the method to activate the preview on all pcs and continue the work if that works. Better than waiting.

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