Why my VR project does not render the same on both eyes?

When I launch my project on my quest, one eye show everything as in the viewport, but the other one don’t show my baked light (only movable lighting). This issues doesn’t appear when I’m using forward shading but I don’t want to use it beacause of reflections.

Me too. Need help

I am getting the same issue. Did you find any solution?

Same in our game, upgraded from 4.19 to 4.21 (fine) onto 4.25 (still fine), and now in 4.26 one eye doesn’t see certain effects (particles, semi-transparent shaders, and some text shaders)…

I’m having the same issue since working in 4.26 I haven’t had any luck resolving it yet. How about you?

I got an error due to an SSGI problem. I turned off SSGI and it worked

Engine>Rendering>Translucency>Separate Translucency (Set disabled)
This should help fix the issue.

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