Why my project gets brighter after packaging

I was working on my game everything seemed ok in PIE so I decided to package my game and run it, It got 10 times brighter and 10 times laggier I have no idea whats causing it. please help its really annoying
Here is In PIE and after packaging photos:



Hello dogu189,

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I have a few questions in order to clarify what you are doing with your scene and what platform you are packaging to.

1.) What platform are you packaging to? Windows, Mac, IOS, Android ?
2.) If you are packing to windows do you have a Post Processing Volume in this scene? Are there any features in it that could possibly lighten the scene you have?
3.) Do you have a lightmass importance volume in your scene?
4.) Can you package a blank project with starter content out and still see the same thing?

After I have this information I will continue to investigate this issue.

thanks for your reply

I might have solved the issue in the post process volume i changed the auto exposure settings and it effected the packaged game.

but i still have no idea why auto exposure changed nothing in pie but changed in the packaged game.

Not sure. Did you have Show > Post Processing > Eye adaptation enabled. If not you won’t see a difference in editor or PIE ( Play in Editor ).

I don’t think so, But i have a question the reason i got lag was i had a candle particle and it had light in it after i removed it the lag was gone
why would that happen? I only had 4 particles

Would you provide a copy of your DxDiag/System specs in order to eliminate the possibility of any hardware issues?


I hope I sent the things you wanted

I believe I see the issue. The fire particle you are using calls upon your the amount of VRAM you have. I see that you are limited to 4GB. We typically recommend 8GB for developing with UE4. It could be that the light you are using, in conjunction with your particle was causing the lag because your computer’s calculations were being maxed. Try putting the light back in and bringing up your Task Manager. With that open and on the " Performance " tab you can see how much memory your machine is using.

Oh, okay now it all makes sense

So I want to build a computer that can let me develop easily with UE4

What kind of system do you recommend?

Depends. You can go as all out as you want to. It’ll come down to cost vs. functionality. This is an exert from our wiki where we weighed cost vs. specs and why.

I have a budget of 700$-1000$

This is a link to our forums where a user named KorkuVeren goes through his system spec’s and where he got them. It is at the upper end of what you are looking for but you may be able to find some better deals with the holidays. This also requires you to put this together yourself. If you are unfamiliar with how to assemble a PC then you may use these spec’s to shop around find a machine that is comparable.