Why my point lights cast wrong shadows after build?

i am having trouble with my first Unreal Project ever. I used point lights to neon lights in a room, . On the preview the shadows look good, very sharp, and hard, like I want it,

But when I build the levels on production level, the shadows that come from the point lights get shrinked and not sharp anymore, round corners where it should be squared. Am i doing wrong by try to use point lights for this? shoul i use spot lights or directional lights for this effect?


I have tried raising the lightmaps resolution for the floor mesh, and I have read the most popular post about shadows troubleshooting, but they are all about lightsource and directional, but i already corrected the cascade distance for those so no problem there, only with this point lights.
I am sorry to asked to be mouthfed on this one but I got no idea why I can-t get a sharp shadow with these lights. Maybe is a stupi question, Should I use directional r spot for this? I used poit light cuz i can set the source radius and lenght to be likt a neon tube for reflections. can i get the shadows that i get on the preview after build?

Thanks for any feedback you can give me. This is my first attempt to illuminate inside Unreal



It looks like resolution of Lightmap on the floor is very low. Read this docs. I hope it help you.

thnxs for feedback dude
ecveryone else looking. you can find it here inside the mesh editor

it worked perfectly, i wish i could make it harder and sharper but i don-t want to kill my setup.

Gracias por todo amigo!!