Why isnt static lighting working on a static mesh actor?

After working with UE4 for years now, I recently decided to really get down into the weeds on lighting. Im trying to be very selective with non-static lights and meshes.

From the way I understand it, static lights and static meshes should all light up nice and pretty after I bake the lighting. Static lights wont work on moveable actors, but static meshes and lights should have no problem at all.

In the screen below you can see how everything is lighting… or rather not lighting.


Have you tried building the lighting? sometimes lighting acts funky for me too until I do that.

good luck!

Yeah, I should have added that. It looks okay until I do bake the lighting. I created a simple scene and it worked just fine, but for whatever reason in this bigger scene the static lights don’t seem to work. Here is the same scene with stationary lights vs static. Post bake. No idea why this occurs.