Why isn't my world dark at night?

So, I’m working on a horror game… But my level isn’t dark at all… Although I’ve used literally all types of effects and stuff to make it as realistic as possible, but it just doesn’t get dark… I turned down to color of LightSource to black, intensity to 0.5, I even made these changes in skylight… I’m using the “GoodSky” skysphere… and it’s midnight moon preset, which must have a dark, black sky, seems to appear blue… My world isn’t getting dark at all… What should I do?? I’ve even used post process to make it more realistic, but it won’t get realistic until it’s dark… I’m stuck here, I can’t work on the game’s logic and implement the story until I’m done with the level design… Please help…

Hi, did you try to disable “Autoexposure”?

Are you using any fog?

Maybe there is still some static lighting built into your level?
(This can be tested by removing all lights and rebuilding the lighting. Duplicate the level before doing this, for additional convenience)

(That’s not an answer. lol)

I haven’t… I looked up on Google where I saw that most people having this problem sorted it out by changing the environment color in world settings… I haven’t even tried that out… Hopefully it works

I don’t have static lighting at all… All lights in my scene are dynamic…

I have atmospheric fog as well as exponential height for in my level…

still should make doubly sure there’s no baked lighting. you can go to the world settings and check ‘force no precomputed lighting’ and rebuild rather than messing with lights.

I don’t remember if it was here or the other forum… someone had the some problem and it turned to be the fog!! …don’t remember which one created ambient lighting… :S

have you tried crancking the intensity of the “Skylight” down? that’s an ambiant light that emulates light scatter in dark areas in real light, though, at night, it’s intensity should be close to 0.1 and it’s color should be close to light blue.

Don’t put it’s intensity to 0 if it is outdoor as the moon still reflects some sun rays at night so it’s not pitch black.

Atmospheric fog creates that blue tint at the corners of the map while exponential height fog creates it all around you. Drove me crazy trying to figure out why my map had a huge blue fog at the ends