Why is VRAM so high and how to find out what's using it?

In an empty level, I’m using about 3GB of VRAM:

This seems high. How can I find what is using so much?


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You may want to use Unreal Insights to analyze what’s going on:

Thank you for the suggestion. That seems to be more about timing and processing than memory usage though so I don’t think it helps.

If you want a simpler view, you can run listTextures in the console:

The textures, and the size used by each texture group, are printed to the Output Log window.

This is helpful thank you but I think some of the VRAM is being used by things other than textures. listTextures gives “Total size: InMem= 608.86 MB” which leaves a lot of memory unaccounted for.

Any ideas?

Hi @Midisport_8x8s,
I wrote about this when trying to reduce my Dedicated GPU usage in my article
How to Improve Texture Streaming GPU performance in UE5 over 20% increase on GPU memory [Solved]

In this file I found
D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Config\Windows\ WindowsEngine.ini
The following lines contained
; PoolSizeVRAMPercentage is how much percentage of GPU Dedicated
;VRAM should be used as a TexturePool cache for streaming textures (0 - unlimited streaming)
and I change this as the instruction said to 0 and now it works fine.
I only have a GTX 15050 2GB, but your RTX2060 has the same problem.
Someone even thinks it speeds up UE5 Editor startup on an SSD.

Thanks for that. I tried it and still have high VRAM usage. I think there is something going on.

Task manager shows total VRAM usage, not just from unreal engine.
You’re also playing in editor, VRAM usage will be different in a build.

I understand task manager shows this across all of Windows, but most of the usage is coming from Unreal.

0.4GB with Unreal closed
1.9GB in a pretty much empty project and no level open
4.5GB in main project and no level open

Test it in a build, make sure graphical features like lumen are disabled.

I did that and it was lower but it feels like I want to get down in there with my VRAM. I want to really talk to the memory, you know? How can I get in there and find out what’s going on without having to turn stuff on and off like a caveman?

Thank you

Hi @Midisport_8x8s,
You can find Dedicated GPU memory used by Win 10 in
Win Task Manager → Details Tab Right Click on the word “Status” → “Select Column”.
Scroll down to the bottom and
Select “Dedicated GPU Memory”
Click OK
Scroll to the top and
Select “Dedicated GPU Memory” and click twice so that sort by the highest use GPU memory app appears at the top.

Now click and remove UAC, Username and deselect them and
add “Shared GPU Memory”.

Build a standalone version of your game, then run it with NVIDIA NSight debugger (assuming you are using NVIDIA hardware.)

Me too, unbelievable that and empty screen use 99% and about 2.5GB ram of my 3050Ti.

Please update if you have any information about this issue

any updates on this?

I am coming back quite a bit later but still not found anything. I tried that NSight debugger, but I could not see a way to view memory usage in a helpful way. I may have been missing it and it was a while ago now.

Please, stop using the task manager to see the vram used. Use GPU-Z instead.

I have tested a blank project deleting the defaultengine.ini (so, no Lumen), and it eats 1300mb. When Lumen enabled, 2300mb.

I have tried some cvars but no variance at all.

Unreal 5.2 has a render resource viewer you can use to get a list of everything consuming vram: Render Resource Viewer in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

It’s a bit difficult to parse to figure out what everything is being used for, but still useful.


This is exactly what I want, it seems. As you say, it’s hard to parse and there is no way to export it to a better format, from what I can see , but it looks promising. I’ve not used this on my main project yet as I’m still on 5.1, but I hope it helps. Thank you.

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Why use GPU-Z over task manager?