Why is there shadow bleeding on fbx meshes exported from Maya?????

After making models in maya 2014 and importing them as fbx’s into Unreal 4, the meshes seem fine, at first. But after the lighting gets built random ■■■ shadows appear all patchy across the mesh. Occasionally even on flat surfaces of literally just 1 face. Why is this happening? This is so freaking annoying!
I’ve even changed the normal settings on maya (literally clicking them individually, and then exporting the model, see if anything worked) didn’t work.
I added a second UV map over the model, sometimes leaving it blank, or automatically mapping it, and then separating out the UV’s in the UV editor. Didn’t work.
I then played around in the Unreal engine itself, trying out various lighting, and ticking / un-ticking several lighting preferences, as well as increasing the lightmap for the mesh. Didn’t freaking work!
While all of these methods changed the volume of the shadows (as well as the positioning), sometimes getting really close to getting rid if the shadows completely, they never fully got rid of them. The only certain way that I got rid of the shadows on the mesh after the lighting was rebuilt, was by ticking the indirect lighting box thing, but this got rid of shadows altogether, which I don’t want. Is there anyway that I can get rid of the ■■■■■■■ shadows altogether (that actually works), coz this issue is driving me crazy. Which is bad