Why is there no static lighting for ConstructionScript generated asset?

Sincere apologies for submitting so many support request, but time is really catching up.
I’m posting this because I believe it is confirmed that Assets Generated by construction Script can and should have have static lighting.

Repo Steps Build a blueprint as shown in picture below. Then use construction script to spawn a staticmesh component. In Editor view, mesh should appear when blueprint is being dragged in. Proceed to build lighting. When lighting is complete. It will be shown that asset is using dynamic lighting and has no lightmap .

Expected Construction script -generated assets should have static lighting since they are spawned before light was built.

Result of render after lighting build.
To be double sure I rendered under LightmapDensity, and there’s none.
shape is a default shape Shape_Tube

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Thank you for reporting this, I will pass this information along to be assessed as I was able to reproduce this effect.

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This may actually not be a bug. I took a look at your Construction Script and your Component details, and it looks like Static Mesh that you’re setting via Construction Script is being given Movable mobility status as a default. You can set what Mesh’s mobility is at spawn by clicking Add StaticMeshComponent node. In Details tab, set Mobility to Static.

Now when you build lighting, it should treat your Mesh as Static mobility. Can you give that a try for me and see if that resolves issue?


Hey ,

Thanks for good explanation on this. I have actually missed fact that you can edit properties on node. Would try this ASAP once update is done.