Why is the Cast always fails?

Because you’re trying to cast the player pawn to a camera pawn, which will never work, because the player pawn is not a camera pawn. If you would like to get the camera from a player, trying getting the player camera manager.

The Cast failed always, I do not know anymore what to do is to fix it ^^
I just want to save the Reference in a variable but it always failed.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the answer but it still fails.

See at the bottom where it says “‘Camera Pawn’ does not inherit from ‘Player Camera Manager’”? That means that cast will fail 100% of the time. From what it seems like, you’re trying to get the player’s camera, right? Is this in the player blueprint? Or where are you trying to do this?

Try this if you just want the player’s camera

I found my mistake.I forgot in the GameMode to change the Default Pawn Class.
Nevertheless many thanks

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